GFRIEND Gets Ready To Showcase Powerful Performances Through Their Upcoming Online Concert

GFRIEND Gets Ready To Showcase Powerful Performances Through Their Upcoming Online Concert


GFRIEND will be holding their first online concert on October 31. The group announced that the concert was going to be held by releasing an aesthetic teaser video of their 2020 GFRIEND ONLINE CONCERT GFRIEND C:ON or G C:ON through their official YouTube channel.

The teaser video that was unveiled showcased the members’ charms in a very refreshing and vibrant manner amidst autumnal settings. It followed a clever concept of a social media platform in accordance with the format of an online concert.

While GFRIEND has already raised anticipations for the upcoming concert, what’s even more exciting is that the spectacular group will be revealing a special stage of a song included in their soon to be released new studio album 回:Walpurgis Night along with their other chart topping hit songs.

GFRIEND’s agency Source Music said, “GFRIEND is preparing a variety of special stages for their first online concert. They will show a wealth of attractions on a record breaking scale.”

Following the girl group’s first Asian tour Season of GFRIEND in 2018, GFRIEND has successfully held their second Asian tour 2019 GFRIEND ASIA TOUR [GO GO GFRIEND!] in 2019. The group has established themselves as a performance craftsman by bringing forth a rich musical spectrum and a colorful repertoire through a total of 17 solo concerts.


G C:ON is GFRIEND’s first online concert, and is an event that will spotlight the high-quality and high powered performances of the group. The concert will be held for about 90 minutes and will be broadcast live online. After purchasing tickets on the Weverse Shop, fans can watch the event after logging in to their Weverse Shop accounts on the live viewing page through the provided link.

Meanwhile, GFRIEND will host G C:ON on at 5 PM KST on October 31. The group will then make hearts flutter with their full-fledged comeback on November 9 with their comeback album 回:Walpurgis Night.

Source: OSEN

Photo Credits: Source Music

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