GFRIEND Unveils A Captivating Track List For “回:Walpurgis Night”

GFRIEND Unveils A Captivating Track List For “回:Walpurgis Night”


GFRIEND unraveled an epic track list for their highly anticipated comeback album 回:Walpurgis Night. Showcasing a rich roster of tunes, the album contains 11 spectacular tracks that are sure to bedazzle Buddies to say the least. Designed in the style of a checklist, it contains the names of each of the tracks.


Songs namely, “Love Spell”, “Three Of’ Cups”, “GRWM”, “Apple”, “Crossroads”, “Labyrinth” and “Front to Back”. There are also several unit tracks that the members have paired up for – “Secret Diary” features members Yerin and SinB, “Better Me” is performed by members Sowon and Umji and “Night Drive” sees the participation of members Eunha and Yuju.

Moreover, GFRIEND will further be showcasing their musical genius with this album as well. The title track “MAGO” will see Eunha, Yuju and Umji participating in writing the track. Besides this, Bang Si Hyuk has also participated in writing and producing several songs on the album as well.

The new full-length album 回:Walpurgis Night further marks the last chapter of the ‘回 series’ that concentrates on the evolution of GFRIEND. The upcoming project will be one that will see a new look by the girl group that has never been seen before.

The girl group has showcased versatility and has shown their flair with storytelling through their mellifluous music backed with mesmerizing performances, there is no doubt that the new album is one that is piquing interests of fans more so than ever for what will be coming their way with the group’s comeback.

Meanwhile, GFRIEND will be releasing the album 回:Walpurgis Night on multiple music sources on November 9 at 6 PM KST on multiple music sources.

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