Ghost9 Announces Their Official Fanclub Name

Ghost9 Announces Their Official Fanclub Name

Ghost9 has finally unveiled their official fanclub name and it is cuter than ever!


Ghost9 welcomed their fans with the warmest greetings and tons of love as they officially gave them the most adorable name! The multifaceted rookie boy group unveiled the name for their fans and will be hereby addressing them as Ghostie.


The group took to their official VLIVE wherein they revealed a broadcast titled “Special Day Together with Ghost9”. Unravelling the meaning behind the endearing name, the members elucidated that “Ghostie” stands for “Go High! On your Side Till the End.

They further explained that to them their fans are like their friends close to their hearts and that, they promise to always stick by their side always.

Besides this, Ghost9 has been making fans groove to their thrilling tunes. The beguiling boy group released their 3rd mini album NOW: Where We Are, Here recently. The album has been garnering rave responses across the globe for its diverse range of musical spectra that beautifully highlights the versatility of the nine member group.

Moreover, its lethal lead number titled “SEOUL” has been capturing the attention of music fans with its booming electro-pop rhythm. The track further spotlights the harmonious vocals of each of the members in the finest way through a transcending intensity of a trendy beat.

Meanwhile, Ghost9 is currently promoting their latest single “SEOUL” which is their tantalizing title track from their 3rd mini album NOW: Where We Are, Here. The group will also be delighting their beloved Ghosties with their radiating charms by actively participating on various broadcasts and will bring forth some supercool contents.

Photo Credits: Maroo Entertainment

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