Golden Child Announces Their Upcoming Comeback

Golden Child Announces Their Upcoming Comeback

Goldenness get ready to jazz up your playlists with some electrifying new tunes!

Golden Child have finally made the announcement that fans were eagerly waiting for. Through their ontact concert NOW is when the surprise announcement originally aired. The group revealed that they are gearing up for their upcoming comeback soon with a clever spoiler video. 

The video for the comeback reveal showcases some fun back and forth texts among the group: 

“Seungmin: what are we going to eat after today’s concert?
Daeyeol: we are practicing right after the concert~~ we discussed this yesterday
Jibeom: Yes ~ that’s right ~~
Bomin: we will start practicing at 8pm right?
Joochan: *sent Patrick’s gif* that’s right.
Donghyun: who wants to eat before the practice~~
Jaehyun: *cats raising their hand gif*
Donghyun: what should we eat?
Seungmin: *a pic saying* *I’m hungry*
Y: its been a while since i saw that emoticon hahahaha
Jangjun: yo!!! but when is our comeback again??
Tag:Daeyeol-ie hyung showed us a video yesterday
Daeyeol: ** sents the video with the comeback date**”

Golden Child had truly impressed with their recent album Take A Leap that released on June 23. The album showcased the musical genius of the group and contained a complex mix of musical elements. Moreover, the album’s high octane lead track “ONE (Lucid Dream)” truly left listeners spellbound with its dramatic and unique composition.

Meanwhile, Golden Child will be making their highly anticipated comeback on October 7. 

Source: Woolim Entertainment

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