Golden Child Unveils An Exciting Scheduler For Their Upcoming Album “Pump It Up”

Golden Child Unveils An Exciting Scheduler For Their Upcoming Album “Pump It Up”

Golden Child ‘pumps’ up the excitement with the latest update for their upcoming album Pump It Up!

Golden Child is all set to make their highly anticipated comeback soon. Woolim Entertainment announced that the group will be releasing their second single album titled Pump It Up. A vibrant scheduler image was revealed for the same on Golden Child’s official SNS as well.

The schedule poster is fascinating to say the least. The bright yellow backdrop with muted illustrations such as hearts, stars, airplanes, football, and basketball hoops give off quite the youthful vibe. However, adding to the intrigue is the interesting addition of the logo that the group used during the time of their debut. Displayed in bright red text  is the single album’s title that is reminiscent of a heart rate monitor of sorts.

According to the scheduler, the track list for the album will be revealed on September 27. From there on the group will continue to build anticipations with three sets of teaser photos and trailers that will be unveiled from September 28 to September 30.

Golden Child will then showcase a preview into their album on October 2 which will be then followed by two music video teasers. Fans will also be treated to some stunning behind-the-scene clips of their jacket photoshoot as well as a look into the filming of the multitalented group’s music video.

Pump It Up comes approximately after four months since the release of Golden Child’s mini-album Take A Leap.  The upcoming album will be releasing on October 7 at 6 PM KST and will be available on multiple music sites.

Source: Newsen

Photo Credits: Woolim Entertainment

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