GOT7 Beguiles With Breathtaking Tunes In “Breath of Love : Last Piece”

GOT7 Beguiles With Breathtaking Tunes In “Breath of Love : Last Piece”

GOT7 is back To Bedazzle Fans With Some Bewitching Tunes with their full-length album Breath of Love : Last Piece!

GOT7 has unveiled their highly awaited comeback album. Titled Breath of Love : Last Piece, the album showcases the powerhouse boy group’s musical genius with several memorable pieces composed by the members themselves.


Moreover, the latest release is the first full-length album by GOT7 releasing approximately two years since Present: YOU was unveiled in September 2018. To say that the septet redefines versatility with this album would be nothing but an understatement.

First Impressions

GOT7 showcases their musical prowess and with panache at that, through ten tantalizing tracks. The album includes not one, but two title tracks, namely “Breath” and “LAST PIECE”.

The track “Breath” has been written and composed by Youngjae under his producer name Ars. While the group’s leader JB has written and composed “LAST PIECE” as DEFSOUL.

Member Mark has penned the lyrics and composed the next track on the list titled “Born Ready”. Furthermore, Jackson showcases his all-round skills as a lyricist and composer on the song called “SPECIAL” that he arranged as well.

The following track “WAVE” consists of lyrics and composition by Jinyoung. BamBam impresses with the same on the next track “Waiting For You”. Last but certainly not least, Yugyeom has written and composed the track called, “이젠 내가 할게 (literal title: Thank You, Sorry)” on the album.

Besides these supercool tracks from the members, Breath of Love : Last Piece also includes three other tracks namely, “1 + 1”, “I Mean It” and “We Are Young”.


GOT7 certainly makes a power-packed statement and with style in this spectacular number. The song is characterized by a unique whistle-like sound as “Breath” expresses the emotions of a fateful encounter that metamorphoses into love.

The feeling of being overwhelmed by falling in love is expressed through a variety of sounds. It is also reflective in its heartwarming lyricism. It features lines such as, “Breathe in/Breathe out/You and me now/You make me breathe/Deeper and deeper/You’re making me fly/I feel it feel it/You make me breathe/All of me is different because of you/I can feel alive/I can feel your love/You make me breathe/You’re making me fly”.

The track truly showcases Youngjae’s musical growth. And, it is one that is sure to set listeners’ hearts aflutter with its refreshing and romantic style.


This track serves as the second leading number beside “Breath” on the album. If the word ‘dreamy’ were a song, it would undoubtedly be “LAST PIECE” which is like a romantic confession.

Singing, “Need your breath of love / Give me your breath of love / You can complete my circle / You’re the missing last piece / You can complete my circle / The most important last piece”, the group is sure to make fans swoon to their sweet notes as GOT7 expresses to their fans that they are their everything and the reason that they can exist. A beautiful ‘piece’ to state the least!

Born Ready

“Born Ready” stays true to its name and is indeed quite ambitious in its approach. All from Mark’s catchy “here I go, here I go” to BamBam’s husky notes, JB and Yugyeom layering their vocals, Youngjae’s signature high notes, Jinyoung’s breathy tones, and Jackson’s deep voice are what makes this track shine.

The track boasts of a dynamic beat thanks to its entrancing future bass rhythm while it backs the endearing lyricism. The stellar song talks about being ‘born ready’ for love and in an impassioned manner to simply say so. This is one spectacular little number that listeners will say ‘here I go’, and be ‘ready’ to play it whenever, wherever.


Composed, written, and arranged by Jackson Wang himself, so it comes as no surprise that this is a “SPECIAL” track indeed. Wouldn’t you agree Ahgases?

Flawless, flirty, and fabulous are the words to perfectly sum up this laidback R&B style track. While the members slay with their perfect and phenomenal musical styles, we have to aver that the lyricism is somewhat poetical though it is mostly playful with lines such as,

“Like a diamond on my finger, you’re glowing
It’s as if your eyes are the sea and I’m in it
I’ve been wandering in it for some time, I get lost again
Put me in the Ocean”

“SPECIAL” is surely a track on this album that is sure to break the repeat button on listeners’ playlists!

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“WAVE” is a track that just flows! The lyricism is alluring as it is ardent and talks about a straight from the heart commitment, stating that although life flows like the waves of the sea, one can swim through it with a loved one by their side.

The soft synth and bass beat compliment the group’s pristine vocal range in the most compelling way. GOT7 sounds like a magical dream on this sweet song and there is certainly no denying that. “WAVE” is yet another track on this album that listeners will want to dive into over and over again!

Waiting For You

“Waiting For You” is very tranquil in its sound and more so due to the members’ airier singing style. The track is more emotional in its conceptualization and mainly because of its poignant lyricism that talks about the feeling of loneliness one experiences after a break up which is reflective in lines such as,

“You make me perfect, girl
I miss you,
Come by my side, by my side
Let me make things right
I’ve been waiting for you”

One thing that is super impressive about this track is how the overall melody and the group’s vocal styles further spotlight and bring forth a melancholic vibe that is reflective of the essence of this stirring song.

Thank You, Sorry

The wispy synth, EP, and lilting guitar melody emphasize the richness of the septet’s vocals – from Jinyoung’s crisp and captivating vocals, JB’s warm harmonies and fluid falsetto, Yugyeom’s soft and breathy tones that add a beautiful texture to the overall rhythm, Youngjae stunning with his phenomenal falsetto and spectacular and subtle high registers to BamBam, Mark and Jackson brilliantly harmonizing their vocals especially towards the end of this track!

“Thank You, Sorry” is an expression of the will to evolve after realizing that the changed feelings of a loved one. The track is one that is mesmerizing as it is moving.

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“1+1” is lighthearted with its EP, synth, snare, and guitar melody. The track is refreshing to say the least. It truly brings out a certain playfulness through the vocal styles of the members as they sing about falling head over heels for a person who has been chosen for them by destiny.

This track is the personification of the word ‘adorable’ and no, we’re definitely not exaggerating! “1+1” is unquestionably that euphonious earworm that one will not be able to get enough of.

I Mean It

Speaking of earworms, GOT7 delivers yet another delectable treat in the form of “I Mean It”. This track is very straightforward in its style. And mainly lyrically, as it talks about love and their genuine feelings towards a love interest.

The track’s upbeat melody is catchy and so is the septet’s resounding, “So when I say it’s love/ I mean it I mean it/ The word of love/ I’m in it I’m in it”. And we ‘mean it’ when we say that GOT7 floors with their faultless vocals that give each of the verses a matchless magnetic vibe.

We Are Young

Now, this is what we call a perfect conclusion to a perfect album! “We Are Young” conveys the feelings of loving without any regrets. Compared to the rest of the tracks on the album, this sonorous song consists of a mellow melody.

The beauty of this track lies in its simplicity. The effortless harmony of the track spotlights JB, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom’s honeyed melodies. ‘One thing is for sure’ that “We Are You” is certainly a track that we all shouldn’t miss out on!

“It wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that GOT7 stuns with “Breath of Love : Last Piece”! The tracks are testament to the musical prowess of this stellar septet and undeniably reiterate their status as ace artists.

Through each melody and with every line on the verses of all of the songs, GOT7 weaves a musical masterpice indeed!”

Music Video Musings

GOT7 SLAYS! And yes, in all caps.

All from the setting to their styles, the group ensures the viewers have all eyes on them. It is intriguing and impressive how the backdrop is essentially the same as the music video for the second title track of the album “Breath” – like connecting the two pieces as if they were one.

While the former is filmed more like a drama and unfolds the track in a story format, the latter puts more emphasis on the choreography and aesthetics of the video. While they dazzle with some of their power-packed dance steps, one of the stand out moves in the video is towards the end when the group joins their forearms and hands to form an interlinked heptagon.

The members look like the epitome of the word ‘handsome’ and though we wished for more screen time for Youngjae, it is awe-inspiring how he completes the video when he appears prominently towards the second half of the video.

All in all, GOT7 brings forth a music video and an album that are nothing short to being akin to a ‘breath’ of fresh air!

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Photo | Video Credits: JYP Entertainment

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