GOT7’s JAY B Looks Dashing In A Pictorial For BEAUTY+ Magazine

GOT7’s JAY B Looks Dashing In A Pictorial For BEAUTY+ Magazine

GOT7’s JAY B stuns with his famous visuals in the latest pictorial for BEAUTY+ Magazine!

GOT7’s JAY B truly takes breaths away as he serves some glam looks in the new May issue of Beauty+ magazine. The lovable leader certainly bedazzles with his innate charisma and his sweet meets sexy style.


The multifaceted musician has impressed fans across the globe as not just as a vocalist but also as a composer and as an artist. JAY B has awed with his free-spirited demeanor that is reflective in his unique musical style as well as through these striking images.

In an interview that followed the shoot, the ace artist gave hints about his upcoming album. He explained that the release serves as an expression of soft feelings, sadness, and despair that one experiences in life.


JAY B said, “I’m a perfectionist, so whatever I do, I want to do it properly. At times when I contemplated on how to do things better, I received a lot of inspiration from my music and my life from listening to the stories of people like my parents or older brothers who have experienced things before I did”.

Furthermore, he spoke about his resolution to keep evolving as an artist. The supercool star stated, “GOT7 didn’t go the way I imagined. But thankfully, we became a team that can pull off any kind of songs such as “Look” and “Breath” and leave a big impression on our fans. Having said that, however, I wish my image won’t be fixated on one thing”.


The powerhouse idol also averred, “When I look back on my seven years of career, the most memorable instance was two-three years ago in Thailand, when we performed our solo tracks for seven days and then performed “Out” together as a group on stage”. He added, “At that time, we were so excited that we performed, and I remember the times we were together as seven a lot”.

“We want to try to release at least one album a year. It’s would be even better if we can perform on stage too. So I talk a lot with the members about how we feel through moments in our lives and we also discuss topics and themes that we would want to include in our albums. I think that’s the least courtesy for the fans,” JAY B said as he expressing his sincere affection for the team and his adoration for their fans.


Meanwhile, more pictorials and interviews of GOT7’s JAY B can be found in the May issue of Beauty+ magazine.

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