GOT7 Spellbinds In New Teaser Image For “Breath of Love : Last Piece”

GOT7 Spellbinds In New Teaser Image For “Breath of Love : Last Piece”


GOT7 released a new teaser image and it is mesmerizing as it is mystifying. In stark contrast to the previous two versions of images that revealed more pronounced blue tones, this click reveals more reddish-pink hues.

The picture screams romance through and through. The pink tones adorned with soft smog give the members an enigmatic and ethereal look. Moreover, the group looks dapper and dynamic in pre-dominantly red ensembles.

BamBam exudes confidence as he dons an urbane style while Mark looks chic in his casual attire. Jinyoung looks as though he walked straight out of a romance novel in his suave suit. JB and Yugyeom bring forth a passionate intensity with their sultry styles. Last but not least, Jackson and Youngjae look like the kings of aesthetics in their soigné ensembles.

These teasers are undoubtedly piquing curiosities. GOT7 has fans eagerly awaiting the arrival of the upcoming release especially for what kind of colors and musical style the group will be revealing with this album. Moreover, Breath of Love: Last Piece also marks the first full-length album that GOT7 will release approximately two years after Present: YOU released in September 2018.

Prior to the album’s official release, on November 23 at 6 PM KST, fans will be greeted with a sweet new single by the group. The song titled, “Breath” will be pre-releasing as part of the comeback promotions.


Since the title of the song “Breath” is reflective of the name of the album itself, it certainly raises interests in the connection between the two. Meanwhile, GOT7 will be releasing their comeback album Breath of Love : Last Piece, on multiple music sources on Monday, November 30, 6 PM KST.

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Photo Credits: JYP Entertainment

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