GOT7’s Youngjae Mesmerizes In @star1 Magazine’s Pictorial

GOT7’s Youngjae Mesmerizes In  @star1 Magazine’s Pictorial

GOT7’s Youngjae takes breaths away with his bold look as he shares his thoughts in a recent interview and pictorial with @star1 magazine!

GOT7’s Youngjae looked like an absolute stunner in a pictorial for @star1 magazine. The multi talented musician opened up about his thoughts on music and more in a follow-up interview for the same. 

Youngjae described his stint as a permanent DJ for MBC’s Idol Radio as a dream come true. He said, “Even before my debut, I’d always dreamed of becoming a DJ, so I’m really happy to be taking on the role. Before the show, I always listen to all the songs on the album of the idols who are set to appear that day, and I also do research on the idols beforehand. I want to create a meaningful experience for all of the artists who appear on the show with us.”

Speaking about his rapport with his colleague Young K on Idol Radio, the GOT7 member exclaimed, “Young K is very much an extrovert, while in comparison, I’m slightly more introverted. We’re still in the process of getting closer, but I think that we’re able to create a better show because the two of us are doing it together.”

Furthermore, Youngjae confessed that he was recently inspired to delve into acting after watching the 2019 film Joker. He averred, “I felt joy while watching Joaquin Phoenix’s acting,” before adding, “My throat hasn’t been in great condition lately, so I’ve started receiving treatment. When [my condition] has improved a bit, I’d like to try acting or singing in a musical. I’m hoping to show the public a new side of myself.”

Fans will be able to check out Youngjae’s charming photos and know more about the GOT7 singer’s interview on @star1’s September 2020 issue!

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