gugudan Announces Official Disbandment

gugudan Announces Official Disbandment

gugudan announces their disbandment at the end of December after four years since their debut.

Jellyfish Entertainment revealed that gugudan will be will be concluding group activities on December 31.

The agency announced the news of the girl-group’s disbandment in a statement on gugudan’s fancafe. The text reads as follows:


This is Jellyfish Entertainment.

First of all, we’d like to thank the fans for loving and supporting gugudan. We would like to give you our official position regarding their group activities.

All the members of gugudan have been working hard and receiving a lot of love since their debut, but after a long and in-depth discussion, we have decided they will officially end their group activities on December 31, 2020.


Although their group activities are over, we will do our best to provide full support for their individual activities such as music and acting.

Thank you once again for your great support, and we sincerely apologize for the sudden news to the fans who love gugudan.

Lastly, please continue to show warm love and interest to the members who are about to make a fresh start.

Thank you.

gugudan is the first girl group that was introduced by Jellyfish Entertainment and debuted under the company in June 2016. The group charmed fans and created a genre unique to gugudan by presenting a unique and special worldview.

They had impressed listeners with their mellifluous tunes since their debut. Moreover, the group’s members have also been showcasing their artistic sides through various individual activities.


Particularly, member Sejeong released two albums throughout this year as well as unveiled her stellar acting skills through OCN’s drama The Uncanny Encounter. Mina awed viewers on the hit series Hotel Del Luna, in addition to emceeing for various musical broadcasts. The other members of the girl group are also focussing on their solo activities including musicals, entertainment programs as well as OST tracks.

Meanwhile, post the announcement of gugudan’s disbandment fans have been sending their heartfelt messages to the members through SNS.

Source: OSEN

Photo Credits: Jellyfish Entertainement

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