#NowPlaying : Hanbin Stirs With A Soulful Demo Titled “Remember Me”

#NowPlaying : Hanbin Stirs With A Soulful Demo Titled “Remember Me”

Hanbin brings forth a beguiling masterpiece in the form of his latest demo on SoundCloud!

Hanbin has unleashed his multifold musical capabilities in this latest demo that he recently unveiled on his official SoundCloud account ‘131’. The track brings out the rapper’s delicate vocals in the most profound manner as he leaves listeners speechless with the heartfelt lyricism.

“Remember Me” is very simple in its musical style and that is where its beauty lies. The breezy guitar instrumental by the artist SiHwang holds an air of poignancy that is further reflective in Hanbin’s evocative musical style. Though the versatile artist impresses with his soft rap verse, it is the sensitivity of his vocals that shines through and through.


The lyrics of this sweet number are laced with emotions that are sure to tug at heartstrings with lines such as, “Good news, please come without any delay/There are so many people that I miss/In a room that’s filled with sighs and monologues/ That was when I missed your hand and felt abandoned/ Is there a place left to go back to?/ If I’m alive in your heart, I think then I could smile”.


The chorus of the track spotlights Hanbin’s breathy and soft vocals which only add to the expressive feel of the tracks as he asks, “Will you remember me?/ Over time, memories covered in dust/ In those last, many dazzling moments, I was with you/ Remember me”.

This track is warm yet wistful; it is mellifluous and mesmerizing in all its melancholia. Hanbin entrances with this earnestness that comes through within each and every line of this beautiful song. The track is truly a testament to the musical genius of the alluring artist.

Overall, Hanbin ensures that “Remember Me” remains an unforgettable track and one etched into the hearts and minds of listeners!

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