Hanbin Releases A Heartfelt “Demo 2017” On Soundcloud

Hanbin Releases A Heartfelt “Demo 2017” On Soundcloud

Hanbin released a new track on Soundcloud and it is beautiful to say the least!

Hanbin or popularly known as B.I showcased his multi-fold musical capabilities in a beguiling new track on his Soundcloud. Titled “Demo 2017”, the track is quite different in terms of composition in comparison to the other demo tracks that the rapper-singer has previously released on his 131 account. While the other songs were more acapella style, “Demo 2017” features a soft synth based melody which creates quite the ambient listening experience. 

Just like his previously released tracks, “Demo 2017” is also one that is sure to stir fans’ hearts with its poignant lyricism. The song talks about waiting for a loved one as seen in heartwarming lyrics such as, “I have so much to tell you/But I’m holding back my rising emotions/If you like me one day you’ll come searching for me/You’ll recognize my clumsy sincerity to give the rest of my life to you/ It may be lonely to persevere for a long time/But no matter how many seasons have passed I’ll still wait for you/ I’ll wait for you.” 

The versatile artist truly expresses his emotions in an unfeigned manner especially when he sings, “I hope you don’t go too far away/ I didn’t even wish for several things/ Just when you feel tired in life/ Come into my heart and rest for a while/ And I’ll make you a cup of warm tea/ I’ll wait for you.”


“Demo 2017” is mellifluous and moving. With this track Hanbin showcased not just his spectacular rapping skills but also his amazing voice as he serenaded with his low breathy tones and subtle high notes thereby proving that he is indeed an all-rounder artist. 

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