♥️ #OurMainCharacterYutoDay ♥️ : The Times When PENTAGON’s Yuto Proved He Is An Ace Artist Indeed

♥️ #OurMainCharacterYutoDay ♥️ : The Times When PENTAGON’s Yuto Proved He Is An Ace Artist Indeed

What better way to celebrate Yuto day than celebrating the multitalented musical genius Yuto himself, don’t you agree Universe?

Visuals, vocals, style, and swag is all that PENTAGON’s Yuto embodies and more. The rapper has time and again proved his musical prowess – be it through the group’s impressive discography or his self-compositions on SoundCloud. However, it is clear that through music, his mannerisms, or his words, he clearly does it all for his beloved Universes.


The rise of Yutoda!

It would be nothing short of an understatement to say that Yuto is one of the finest rappers there is. Right since his debut, rather even before it, the PENTAGON member showcased that he is indeed a force to be reckoned with. Having awed fans with one spectacular performance after another, the alluring artist went on to become the first Japanese rapper in K-Pop!

Soon after debuting as a PENTAGON member, Yuto showcased that he is an all-round artist after he co-wrote his first song for the group titled “Engine” along with the lead single “Can You Feel It” from their album Five Senses.

The multifaceted rapper has since written some spectacular tracks including “Spectacular”, “Violet”, “Camellia”, “Spring Snow” as well as the track that ensured PENTAGON’s debut on the Top 10 Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart, “Shine”.

Besides this, Yuto has proved that he is a gifted artist indeed as he has participated in composing various tracks not just for PENTAGON but for other stellar artists such as Houdini and (G)I-dle.


What all can Yuto do? More like, What can’t Yuto do?

Having captivated fans and members too, with his low-toned rap performances, the sweet Yuto has stolen hearts having unveiled his sultry and suave side with some of his magnetic moves.

The rapper has definitely set the stage alight on more than one occasion with his dance skills that undoubtedly spotlight his innate charms in the most charismatic manner.


Yuto = musical genius. Have we already said that? Well, we’re reiterating it more than ever as the PENTAGON member has truly left listeners (us included!) spellbound muitlple times with some of his heartwarming tunes especially his compositions that he has revealed through Soundcloud.

Take, for example, the expressive “Flower” wherein the rapper laments about life. Singing, “The violence of words will never come and go/It forever remains as a stab in one’s heart”, in his mellifluous husky notes, Yuto brings forth a meaningful masterpiece that is sure to tug at listeners’ heartstrings.

The delightful artist has also sought to bring comfort to fans as well such as through the more ambient track “You are the main character”. With the track, the otherwise fierce idol reveals a softer side to him as he encourages listeners to forget their worries for a while and appreciate the beauty of life at the moment.

“Believe in yourself at all times” is the sweet message that Yuto delivers and with sincerity, through this warm number.

Yuto’s ‘Eternal’ Love For Universe

Be it sweetly dedicating verses “To Universe”, expressing, “If I’m with you, alright/ When we say bye, good night/ I won’t change even after time/ As our trust grows/ Even if someone bothers us/ I’ll hold your hand/ Hard days are no more/ Because you’re by my side”,

Or letting them know that his love for them is like an “Eternal Flame”, the eldest of the youngest of PENTAGON has touched fans’ with his heartening words and gestures.

Embodying the word ‘idol’ PENTAGON’s Yuto continues to inspire and impress and it wouldn’t be far-fetched to state that the rapper reigns over Universe’s hearts like the absolute prince he is!

🎂Here’s wishing PENTAGON’s precious NAGANO PRINCE Yuto a very happy birthday 🎂

Photo | Video Credits: CUBE Entertainment

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