#HBDtoHyungwon : Celebrating MONSTA X’s Multitalented Musician Chae Hyungwon

#HBDtoHyungwon : Celebrating MONSTA X’s Multitalented Musician Chae Hyungwon

If the the title “All Rounder Idol” had to be given to someone then MONSTA X’s Chae Hyungwon would be the undisputed winner of it!

With visuals and vocals that are golden to say the least, MONSTA X’s Hyungwon has time and again proved that he has a an extremely versatile side to him with his various other skills. Be it dancing, acting, DJing, modelling, being a meme king, making music or even being there for his fans and fellow members, he has showcased his talents and personality on numerous occasions and impressed everyone around him.


And while his diverse list of talents are long and impressive, “it is time to wake up” to the musical genius that Chae Hyungwon is and the potential he has to really add jewels to the discography of the K-Pop industry.

The Vocal King

While MONSTA X as a group is famous worldwide for their powerful energy and strong vocals and raps, the group stands out even more with the backing of Hyungwon’s unparalleled vocals.


Starting right from the beginning of his idol journey, Hyungwon’s vocals while soft and serene have a sense of power and distinct appeal, which was evident even during his trainee days on Mnet’s No Mercy. His performances of “No Diggity”, “Sexy Back”, “Hieut”, and “Interstellar” among other songs really showcased that he is a talented and versatile vocalist who can adapt to the different genres while still retaining his distinct, evocative sound. Those performances really reiterated the fact that he is a perfect member to be a part of the super group MONSTA X.

After their debut, with each album and each cover Hyungwon has shone with improvements in every comeback. Especially in tracks like “Zero”, “Sweetheart (White Sugar),” “Lonely Christmas”, “Mohae”, “Alligator”, “Blind”, “Jealousy”, “U R”, “Underwater”, and “Breathe For You” to name a few, his calm voice effortlessly adds to the beauty of the songs and brilliantly brings out the different themes and emotions that the tracks aim to evoke.

With the group’s recent comeback with the platinum album FATAL LOVE, Hyungwon has once again shown his musical prowess and this time in a bigger and better way.

Starting with the title track “Love Killa”, Hyungwon’s voice stands out by adding a sensuous appeal to the song, while adding a certain lethal softness amidst the otherwise hardhitting melody, making it even more mellifluous to listeners.

In addition to this, in the tracks “Night View” and his self composed number “Nobody Else “, he stands out even more with his mesmerizing voice that amplifies the breeziness as well as sultriness of both the musical masterpieces.

Especially with “Nobody Else”, Hyungwon’s composition and writing skills show that he is not an artist that the world can sleep on. Moreover, the handsome singer has also covered various other famous tracks which have further added to his potential as a vocalist among fans everywhere.

The Number ‘ONE’ DJ

In contrast to his flawless and soft voice notes, Hyungwon’s other side is that of the talented DJ H.ONE. He has shown his high powered DJing skills in festivals like Ultra Music Festival Korea (UMF) in 2017 and 2018 and as well as KCON Japan 2017. As DJ H.ONE he has released impressive tracks like “ONE”, “MY NAME” and “BAM! BAM! BAM!” which also featured fellow MONSTA X member Joohoney.

These tracks show the multifold talents of Hyungwon and reiterate the fact that his range and capabilities span a vast radius of the creative world. And fans have evidently loved this side with the amazing reception DJ H.ONE has got during the festivals as well as during MONSTA X’s concerts.


With each aspect of this bedazzling MONSTA X member, it is clear how much music means to Hyungwon and his vast bandwidth when it comes to being versatile. And there is no doubt that he is one artist who should never be slept on!

🎉We wish the charming Chae Hyungwon a very happy birthday and hope to hear more of his divine vocals and super DJing skills this year🎉

Photo Credits: Starship Entertainment

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