#NowPlaying : Henry Takes Listeners On An Evocative “JOURNEY”

#NowPlaying : Henry Takes Listeners On An Evocative “JOURNEY”

Henry recently made a comeback and unveiled his third mini-album that will truly take listeners on a heartwarming JOURNEY, one song after another!

Henry revealed his third mini-album recently. Titled JOURNEY, the album contains an eclectic mix of tunes that are impressive to state the least. From funky pop styles to cool R&B rhythms, the singer showcases an array of memorable pieces that further highlight his musical genius.

Henry Lau

The album contains six spectacular tracks in total, namely, “RADIO”, “RIGHT NOW”, “JUST BE ME”, and an instrumental version of “RADIO”. It also features some amazing collaboration numbers, particularly, “HANDS UP” along with rapper pH-1 and “COME OVER”, that includes ace artists such as Gray, Kim Go Eun, Park Na Rae, Joon Park, Jeon Hyun Moo, Jessi, and Han Hye Jin.


This lead track is stirring, to simply say so! “RADIO” is a beautiful pop ballad that merges synth and piano rhythms to bring forth an expressive feel that is also spotlighted through Henry’s dynamic vocals. His sweet falsetto and breathy verses are enough to get listeners playing this track “on and on and on”.

Accentuating the track’s emotional flair is the music video itself. The overall conceptualization of the video not only breathes life into the message of the track but is also reflective of Henry’s authenticity as a multitalented musician.

Hands Up (Feat. pH-1)

Next, “HANDS UP (Feat. pH-1)”, is a funky R&B track that has a refreshing yet laidback vibe. Henry is sure to make listeners groove to his airy falsetto and playful singing style. Moreover, pH-1’s effortlessly cool raps only add to the overall lively feel of the track. This number is aptly named as it is sure to have everyone throw their ‘hands up’ in the air and vibe to this song!

Right Now

There is certainly a touch of nostalgia as the electric guitar riffs that commence the track are reminiscent of a 90s rock tune. Add to it a dreamy synth and Henry’s soulful and sweet vocals, are what makes “RIGHT NOW” an ambient track to say the least. Moreover, this song has quite an emotive feel to it which is sure to tug at listeners’ heartstrings, due to its uplifting lyricism that encourages one to not worry and live in the moment.

Henry Lau

Just Be Me

“JUST BE ME” is an all English track that stays true to its name. To say that this power ballad shines, would truly be an understatement. The soft melody is serene as it is stirring and truly brings out the beauty of Henry’s honeyed vocals. He stuns with his famous and flawless falsetto and not to mention his harmonious high notes.

Furthermore, the singer is sure to sway hearts with his powerful singing style as he expresses, “I’ve tried and tried/ To bе everything that I could be/ I’m just scrеaming at the top of my lungs/ Don’t know why/ Tell me why I never did it for me/ Imma just be me/ Who/ Imma just be me,” with an unparalleled dynamism.

Henry Lau

Come Over (Feat. Gray, Kim Go Eun, Park Na Rae, Joon Park, Jeon Hyun Moo, Jessi, and Han Hye Jin)

This quirky little number has quite the lighthearted feel to it thanks to its zesty melody and Henry’s lively singing style. It is intriguing too, with snippets of the artists in between verses, leaving listeners wondering who may be singing the part. But this is where the beauty of the song lies – in its spontaneity and which is what makes “COME OVER” a wholesome and fun track.

Listen To & Add Henry’s Third Mini-Album Journey here:

Photo | Video Credits: Monster Entertainment Group

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