Inspiring Idols: WONHO

Inspiring Idols: WONHO

Wonho is all set to make his highly awaited debut soon and while it is indeed exciting, it has been quite an emotional journey for the singer as well as his fans!

Wonho is ready to embark on his new journey as a soloist and as are Wenees to ensure his success all over the globe. And with his latest music video reveal for the pre-release single “Losing You” and its soul stirring sequences, we couldn’t help but look back at moments that make the sweet star such an inspiration.


Beginning From Zero

Coming from simple beginnings and having faced struggles including being bullied due to his  financial situation growing up, Wonho is an example of perseverance.  The idol began his career as an ulzzang – a popular South Korean term literally meaning “best face” or “good-looking” and appeared on the show Ulzzang Generation in 2010.

However, the singer’s endeavors were far from over,  Wonho’s family went bankrupt when they spent all their money to support him during his trainee days, when he was first supposed to make his entry into K-Pop in a four member group Nu Boys who did not officially debut.

Despite the setback, the vocalist kept going and entered Starship’s singing competition survival show No Mercy and left viewers speechless with his dynamic presence and soft voice. Wonho won hearts with his power meets poise persona as a participant on the show before he debuted with MONSTA X in 2015.


Shining Under The Spotlight

Making his grand debut with MONSTA X as a lead vocalist, dancer and visual, Wonho immediately captivated fans with his alluring style in multiple music videos and features. Wonho also showcased his musical expertise as a composer and lyricist with a hand in producing various hits including “Spotlight,” “If Only,” “Breathe For You,” “Mirror,” “Oi,” “No Reason,” “From Zero,” and “5:14 (Last Page)”, to name a few.

Besides this, his adorable interactions with fans literally made them say “I do love u”, to Wonho more so than ever. His authenticity shone through his infectious smile and pleasant mannerisms especially with his communications with Monbebe on his long and entertaining V Lives as well as on other SNS channels.

Doing a 14 second V Live just to share that the group was on the ads at Times Square, literally climbing walls just to get closer to fans, helping them out with profound life advises and evidently caring for them and even his band mates with utmost sincerity, are just some of the instances with which Wonho carved a place for himself in fans’ hearts.


A Fighter Caught Up In Battle

In October 2019 Wonho got embroiled in a controversy over rumors devised by Jung Da-eun on social media that he owed her money and had taken drugs before becoming a K-pop idol. The idol’s Ulzzang Generation co-star claimed that Wonho owed her tens of thousands of Korean won before citing that he had a criminal past as she falsely accused him of marijuana use post which the singer shocked fans as he left MONSTA X.

Emerging A Hero

Wonho’s departure stirred the spirits of fans who were adamant that an ace artist like Wonho deserved to be treated fairly and with respect. The memories and words he left for his fans were the sole reasons that Monbebe all over the world came together to seek justice for the vocalist.

With ads in Times Square and other major advertising centers in various cities worldwide, fan gatherings for silent protests all around the world, over a hundred animals adopted in each members’ names, and a number of projects showcasing their support, fans went above and beyond and did it all.

One of the biggest movements that fans had started was their #FightForWonho hashtag protest on Twitter, which saw over 200 hashtags wherein most of them topped the worldwide trending list as well among which the hashtag #원호탈퇴반대 which means “Against Wonho leaving”, had accumulated millions of tweets. The efforts by fans were a testament to all the times that Wonho gave strength, comfort, love, motivation, and more to fans and been among the people they could lean on and trust.

Fans’ endless endeavors bore fruit and finally in March 2020 it was announced that Wonho had been cleared of all drug allegations after a police investigation. Moreover, he went on to sign a new contract with Highline Entertainment, a subsidiary label of Starship Entertainment, where he would go on to start afresh, on a new page as a soloist.


Creating History And Finding The Love Synonym

Fans changed the dynamics of a cut throat industry that does not normally give second chances. Bringing Wonho finally back, not only did they ensure that he was treated with due respect but they created history with this feat. And the sole reason of all the efforts, working tirelessly day and night for their favorite artist, comes down to just one thing: love.

Wonho had officially commenced his journey as a soloist along with his fans Wenee and together they manifested a brand new ending leading to a beautiful beginning.

The singer delighted fans once again with his cool selfies and interactions, raising anticipations before finally making the announcement that Wenee were waiting for – his upcoming debut album titled Love Synonym.

Wonho has begun the countdown to the release of his first mini album and has already unveiled an enthralling and emotional music video of his first track, “Losing You,” a heartwarming number that boldly declared WONHO IS BACK (especially after reigning on the iTunes charts across 16 countries around the world at the time of writing). And we, like Wenee couldn’t be happier to see what the future holds for the endearing and gifted artist!



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