IU Releases A Riveting Live Clip Version Of Her Track “Love Poem”

IU Releases A Riveting Live Clip Version Of Her Track “Love Poem”


IU released a live version of her chart-topping hit “Love Poem” and honestly, we’re still shook over how soul-stirring it is. The songstress looks chic in her casual style as she serenades with her sweet vocals.

While the original track hits listeners right in those feels, this live version emphasizes that as well as amplifies its evocative vibe. The soft piano-based melody further highlights IU’s breathtaking vocals and that is what makes this track so memorable in more ways than one.

“Love Poem” is comforting as it is compelling. IU commences the track with her soft and breathy notes which gives it an air of melancholy when she sings, “I think there is someone/ Praying for someone/ I can hear the love poem,” before her vocals are soft yet crisp when she croons, “They wrote holding their breath/ I wish it flies to you/ And arrives to your place before it’s too late.”


However, the vocalist sounds absolutely spectacular when she spotlights her subtle high notes during the chorus that moves with lines such as, “I’ll be there, behind you who walks alone/ Singing till the end, this song will be endless/ Listen carefully just for a second/ I will sing for you who walks long nights than most,” amidst the mellow guitar strums and soft drum harmony.

In the live clip, IU showcases her musical prowess as on the original track and more especially during the bridge towards the end wherein she captivates with her flawless high notes and subdued falsettos. The singer spellbinds, soothes as well as stirs with this stellar performance.


With this impressive clip, IU truly reiterates the fact that she is a powerhouse performer and a musical maestro indeed.

Video | Photo Credits: EDAM Entertainment

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