Cover Star : Jeong Sewoon & CRAVITY’s Wonjin Serenade With Their Sweet Cover Of MONSTA X’s “Someone’s Someone”

Cover Star : Jeong Sewoon & CRAVITY’s Wonjin Serenade With Their Sweet Cover Of MONSTA X’s “Someone’s Someone”

Jeong Sewoon and CRAVITY’s Wonjin take breaths away as they mesmerize with their soulful cover of MONSTA X’s “Someone’s Someone”!

Lucky, Luvity and Monbebe, brace yourselves for an alluring cover that was “meant for you”. Jeong Sewoon and CRAVITY’s Wonjin unveiled a beguiling cover of MONSTA X’s much-loved song “Someone’s Someone”.

The duo unveiled an adorable video reflective of the heartwarming vibe of the original track. Through the clip, Jeong Sewoon and Wonjin dazzle with their dulcet tunes. They look absolutely endearing in the recording studio in their comfy chic ensembles as well.

Jeong Sewoon CRAVITY Wonjin

Both artists bring forth what one may describe as a treat for the eyes and the ears. Jeong Sewoon truly captivates with his soft vocals and breathy notes that flawlessly complement Wonjin’s tuneful, honey-like voice that adds a sense of warmth to the cover overall.

The two singers spotlight their musical prowess when they harmonize their vocals like a dream during the chorus. Moreover, to amplify the cuteness factor of the clip, Jeong Sewoon and Wonjin captivate with their fun-loving mannerisms and with some playful dance moves.

The pair certainly melt hearts with their mellow melodies. They channel a different sensibility from the original song and yet maintain its heartfelt feel.

On this euphonious cover, both Jeong Sewoon and Wonjin shine like the stars they are, and no, it is definitely not an exggageration!

“Someone’s Someone” is a soul-stirring number from MONSTA X’s chart-topping album ALL ABOUT LUV. The track oozes romance with every beat and verse. The soft song is one that is like a hug when you need it the most while the serene vocals of the members serenade you.

The pop ballad highlights the group’s synergy in a beautiful way. Furthermore, MONSTA X was nominated under the “Best K-Pop” category at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards (2020 MTV VMAs) for this mellifluent masterpiece as well.

Additionally, Jeong Sewoon has been impressing with his unique sounds as a singer-songwriter. He has also shown his keen sense of entertainment in various broadcasts and contents such as hosting Gomak Mate Season 3 and on KBS Cool FM’s Volume Up.

Jeong Sewoon CRAVITY Wonjin

Besides this, Wonjin has steadily impressed as a member of CRAVITY. The group recently celebrated their 1st anniversary of their debut on April 14. With the release of their 3rd mini-album CRAVITY SEASON 3. HIDEOUT: BE OUR VOICE, they bedazzled fans across the globe with their musical evolution. In addition to that, CRAVITY has been showing a variety of charms through their own entertainment content titled CRAVITY PARK.

Meanwhile, watch Jeong Sewoon and CRAVITY’s Wonjin’s striking cover of MONSTA X’s “Someone’s Someone” here:

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Photo | Video Credits: Starship Entertainment

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