Kang Daniel Mesmerizes With His Moves In A Special Performance MV For “Antidote”

Kang Daniel Mesmerizes With His Moves In A Special Performance MV For “Antidote”

Look no further as Kang Daniel delivers a power-packed antidote to drive those blues away with his special performance music video!

Kang Daniel unleashed his fatal charms in a new video for his tantalizing title track “Antidote” from his latest comeback album YELLOW. The super talented soloist delivered a performance that is truly the epitome of the word dynamic.

Kang Daniel

A dashing Daniel dazzles amidst dimly lit settings that add quite the dramatic flair to the clip overall. The multifaceted vocalist looks fabulous in his suave ensembles. He undeniably floors with his famous visuals as he showcases his fluid and flawless dance moves.

Through the span of the video, Kang Daniel ensures that all eyes are on him. He radiates, or rather, personifies confidence and it is certainly reflective in his powerful demeanor.

With this, Kang Daniel reiterates his authenticity as a powerhouse artist. All from being a vocalist, visual, dancer, rapper, CEO, and lastly DANITY’s best boy, he proves that there is no domain he cannot dominate!

Moreover, the singer unquestionably spotlighted his all-round artistry through his recent release YELLOW. The album encapsulates the sweet soloist’s sincere emotions and experiences in a poignant and beautiful manner.

Kang Daniel

Furthermore, it brings the theme of ‘what you see isn’t everything’ to life through its thought-provoking tunes. The lead number too, channels the essence of this sentimental message not only with its riveting alternative R&B rock rhythm but also through the music video’s metaphorical narrative.

Soon after its release, the video recorded 10 million views in 12 hours and 20 million views in 40 hours. Additionally, the official music video for “Antidote” has currently surpassed 30 million views on YouTube.

Meanwhile, check out the prepossessing special performance video for Kang Daniel’s “Antidote” here:

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Photo | Video Credits: Konnect Entertainment

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