Kang Daniel Reveals A Mystifying Comeback Teaser

Kang Daniel Reveals A Mystifying Comeback Teaser

Danity brace yourselves, Kang Daniel is all set to drop some dynamic new tunes soon!

Kang Daniel is all set to reveal some magnetic musical masterpieces this month. The sweet soloist truly stirred hearts as he unveiled a mysterious coming soon clip for his upcoming release on his official SNS.

As opposed to the playful tones of the idol’s prior two releases, the latest comeback teaser displays a more intense style. Featuring a spine-tingling whistle melody, it only amplifies the overall ominous vibe of the enigma that the video unfolds.

The focus shifts to a dazed Kang Daniel who is seen lying in a delirious state. What follows are shifting and swift red-tinted flashes that center on scenes of Daniel looking dazzling yet dangerous in an all-black ensemble. The teaser ends on an arcane note with a cryptically dramatic close-up of the versatile vocalist’s eye, before revealing the announcement of the singer’s comeback that will be releasing on February 16.


With his slated music release in February, Kang Daniel will be bringing forth this upcoming album six months post his comeback since he unveiled his much-loved mini-album MAGENTA in August last year. The album truly, with its rich mix of tunes, highlighted the fact that he is a multitalented musician.

This was further reiterated with the amazing artist’s recent collaboration track. On January 15, Kang Daniel featured in his first-ever international collaboration with EDM producer Inverness and singer-songwriter Anthony Russo on the track “State of Wonder”. The track is enough to take breaths away with its breezy EDM beats but it is also one that proves that the K-Pop star is a musical genius indeed.


Meanwhile, Kang Daniel’s agency has disclosed that the singer may be unveiling his acting chops soon as he is in talks to star in an upcoming Disney+ drama titled Our Police Lessons.

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Photo | Video Credits: Konnect Entertainment

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