Kang Daniel Dazzles In His “Dear My D” Fan Party

Kang Daniel Dazzles In His “Dear My D” Fan Party

Kang Daniel held his much-awaited fan party Dear My D recently wherein he delighted DANITY with awesome performances and adorable moments!

Kang Daniel successfully wrapped up his online and offline special fan party Dear My D with global K-POP entertainment platform UNIVERSE recently.

Kang Daniel Dear My D

NCsoft Co., Ltd. and Klap Co., Ltd. said, “Kang Daniel who held his fan party Dear My D with UNIVERSE on May 16 spent a memorable time with fans around the world via an online and offline event simultaneously”.

Kang Daniel got the ball rolling as he opened the fan party with a stunning stage of his recently released new song “Outerspace (Feat. Loco)” for the very first time. That alluring artist looked absolutely debonair. He donned a bold black suit on stage while captivating with his dynamic performance.

Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel, who warmed up the mood with his new song, had a cheerful time with DANITY. He also awed as he showed off his fantastic synergy with MC Hwang Je Sung. Starting with the “What should I do today?” corner, the superstar soloist and DANITY telepathically matched their answers in a situational skit. They then chose what they wanted to do together.

They proceeded with their chosen corner that included “Nieri’s Practice Room,” “Nieri’s Bakery” and “Soo Da Time”. These featured fun activities such as random dance breaks while he communicated with fans through a real-time live chat.

Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel then charmed with a charismatic performance through his “PARANOIA” stage, amplifying the glam quotient of the party.

Finally, Daniel set hearts aflutter with a stirring performance. He sang the fan song from his latest comeback album YELLOW titled, “Save U (Feat. Wonstein)”.

The stellar artist thanked his beloved fans and read out a moving letter to them. Kang Daniel expressed, “Hello, my eternal friend DANITY. Just as DANITY always protects me and stands by my side, I will always be with them and stand by them all the way”.

Dear My D

He added, “I sincerely cherish DANITY and let’s keep meeting at UNIVERSE”. The “Antidote” crooner shyly addressed his DANITY as “Hello, love”, while exuding warmth as he sweetly conveyed his love for his fans.

The fan party, which was held as an online and offline event, attracted 50 offline visitors selected through a raffle and numerous online viewers from all over the world.

The on-site visitors were presented with special goods that included fan party posters, autographed CDs and photo cards specially prepared by UNIVERSE and Kang Daniel. At the same time, the lucky fans also received digital NFT photo cards, using blockchain technology, as digital goods.

Additionally, the online live streaming of the event provided a more detailed and lively experience. This was thanks to a high-definition screening feature where fans could enjoy Kang Daniel’s electrifying stages. The fan party video will be available exclusively through VOD on the UNIVERSE app later.

Meanwhile, UNIVERSE celebrated and successfully concluded Kang Daniel’s fan party Dear My D. The app plans to continue to bring forth various online and offline events in the future as well.

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Photo Credits: Universe | Konnect Entertainment

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