Kang Daniel Delivers A Dynamic Second MV Teaser For “PARANOIA”

Kang Daniel Delivers A Dynamic Second MV Teaser For “PARANOIA”

Kang Daniel gets temperatures soaring as he dazzles with some fiery moves in the latest teaser for “PARANOIA”!

Kang Daniel released a striking second teaser for his upcoming track “Paranoia”. The clip showcases a charismatic act by the ace artist that truly showcases that he embodies the phrase ‘powerhouse performer’ indeed.

Though the snippet is only twelve seconds in length it certainly awes as it leaves a power-packed impact.

Kang Daniel stuns with his edgy style as he presents some capturing choreography alongside masked background dancers. Moreover, his intense gaze and dark expressions only further the overall arcane vibe of the teaser.

If the previously released teaser focused on a cryptic, noir-style narrative, this time, Kang Daniel brought the story to life through his riveting performance.

Kang Daniel
The soloist’s agency stated that through the video, Kang Daniel aimed to showcase his inner turmoil, of how he fell down and got back up despite that, through a performance.

Konnect Entertainment added, “There is a twist of realizing that the person who is desperately trying to escape is himself”. They further explained “”Kang Daniel has planted inner fantasies and visions in the performance. It will be interesting to find some hidden codes too”.

Kang Daniel
The track has already made waves for its unique style. What’s even more exciting is the participation of Anthony Russo who composed the track, inverness who arranged it alongside Kang  Daniel who has written “PARANOIA” himself.  The two stellar artists worked with the “2U” singer on the recent hit “State of Wonder“.

“PARANOIA” will feature an addictive melody consisting of synth bells, 808 bass and electric guitar to make a dynamic impact with its striking sounds.

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel will be releasing “PARANOIA” on February 16. The track will be revealed across various music sources on the day at 6 PM KST.

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Photo Credits: Konnect Entertainment

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