#NowPlaying : Kang Daniel, inverness & Anthony Russo Team Up To Bring Forth A Magnetic “State of Wonder”

#NowPlaying : Kang Daniel, inverness & Anthony Russo Team Up To Bring Forth A Magnetic “State of Wonder”

Kang Daniel mesmerises with his divine vocals as he collaborates with inverness and Anthony Russo and delivers a dynamic musical masterpiece!

A “State of Wonder” is exactly and more is what this thrilling trio consisting of ace artists Kang Daniel, inverness and Anthony Russo bring to listeners – a transcendental experience with their ecstatic melodies.

The music video for the same reveals the essence of the track, though in a more futuristic fashion. The clip is a thorough visual treat with its inclusion of sci-fi elements that bring to life its strong storyline reflective of the message of the track.

The electro pop number embodies its title as it expresses the dreamlike euphoria one feels when one falls in love. The lyricism perfectly captures the beauty as well as bewilderment of love in an alluring albeit emotional way.

The rhapsodic rhythm only spotlights inverness’ musical genius as he captivates with a cohesive arrangement that features blissful beats merged with idyllic EDM tones for a tranquil listen.

Kang Daniel State of Wonder

Next, Anthony Russo channels this impression of  exultation as he fervidly croons, “Try to keep my head above water/ Then you go and pull me under/ Crazy thing, I know I’m done for/ Stuck in this state of wonder”, and add to it the hazy harmony, it is sure to amplify the enchantment of this striking number.

To say that Kang Daniel impresses on this smashing track would be nothing short of an understatement. The sweet soloist furthers the charm of the song with his sensuous and sublime vocals as he charismatically sings, “You drive me crazy/ Yes, I keep falling/ I don’t care about anything/ You make me forget everything/ And I just want you right here with me/ We’rе endlessly floating/ Lost in your deep oceans/ Deeply seeping in slowly”.

Kang Daniel State of Wonder

The delicacy that Kang Daniel showcases with his airy vocals is unparalleled to simply say so. With his breezy style, he certainly elevates the beatific magic of “State of Wonder”.

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Photo | Video Credits: Konnect Entertainment | Monstercat | inverness

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