Kang Daniel Makes A Splash With His Pre-Release Single Waves

Kang Daniel Makes A Splash With His Pre-Release Single Waves


Kang Daniel gave a refreshing surprise to fans ahead of his album, MAGENTA’s release. Upsurging the excitement, he revealed his highly anticipated pre-release single, “Waves” that also features two stellar artists.  Jamie and Simon Dominic appear alongside the multi talented soloist. Creating a dynamic ambiance, the three musicians show fierceness with utmost flair. 

Before the release of the track today, “Waves” was first revealed during Kang Daniel’s 1-year debut anniversary commemorative online fan meeting DAN1TYST

“Waves” was officially unveiled on multiple music sites  today and was accompanied by a breathtaking music video as well. The three musicians looked absolutely spectacular in grand, bedazzling attires. Kang Daniel looked like the ultimate showstopper with his embellished outfits and bold demeanor. Jamie wowed with her vibrant and charming mannerisms while Simon Dominic dominated with his fierce look. 


The video boasts of a very fresh style that mirrors the track’s captivating composition reflective of dance halls and hip-hop. It also features 808 bass, drums that pour like waterfalls, Latin guitars, shakers and staccato piano sounds.  

Kang Daniel’s vocals are divine to say the least. The young artist shows versatility and impresses with his vocals as he delves into low tones and breathy notes that complement the heart thumping melody flawlessly. His soft vocals backed with such a power packed tune truly creates an out of the world listening experience.

Moreover, the chorus steals the spotlight especially because of the beautiful and effortless blend of Kang Daniel and Jamie’s voices and the phrase, “소나기, 소나기” sung by the duo, is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the catchy chorus. Jamie and Simon Dominic showcase their fierce rapping skills on “Waves,” adding to its overall charisma. 

The lyrics are fun and a little cheeky at times as well, with lines such as, “You better come/ When I chew on this gum/ Wasabi told me to spice it up/ Dropping out the sweet stuff, you playin’ dumb/ Imma give you three this job.” The song expresses the emotions of putting all your faith and trust in letting one’s heart follow like the waves that move in their direction.

Overall, “Waves” is a track that makes listeners want to sing along, get up and dance to it. Kang Daniel, Jamie and Simon Dominic bring in an infectious and undeniable burst of energy to the track. And with a glimpse of something so amazing, it has unquestionably piqued anticipations for what’s to come with the release of the full album! 

 Kang Daniel’s comeback mini-album MAGENTA will be released through various music sites on August 3 and besides “Waves,” it features five other tracks, namely,  “Flash,” “깨워 (Who U Are)”, “Runaway (feat. YUMDDA)”, “Movie (feat. DVWN) and “밤”.  

Source/Images Credit To: Konnect Entertainment

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