#NowPlaying : Kang Daniel Captivates With A Cryptic Worldview With “PARANOIA”

#NowPlaying : Kang Daniel Captivates With A Cryptic Worldview With “PARANOIA”

Kang Daniel bewitches with his latest comeback single that unravels a domain that is intriguing as it is introspective!

Kang Daniel recently revealed his much-awaited comeback track which has been evidently lauded by fans all over the globe. Titled “PARANOIA”, the single is one that proves that the soloist is indeed a musical visionary.

Kang Daniel

The singer has wowed listeners on more occasions than one with stellar numbers like “2U”, “Waves” and “Who U Are” as part of his diverse discography.

With “PARANOIA” however, it wouldn’t be far fetched to aver that Kang Daniel unquestionably redefines versatility.

The track is one that reveals a very different colour of the vocalist and with finesse at that. He unfolds an enigmatic story through not just the stirring lyricism but an action-packed and arcane music video that breathes life into the essence of the song.

If the music video had to be defined in a single word then it would be : brilliant. Not only does it capture attentions with its theatrical style but the way it projects the message of the track through its intricate symbolisms is simply marvellous.

Few of the instances including the red eyes in certain sequences and the CCTVs aimed at Kang Daniel at the start of the video all spotlight the fear of being watched. While the writings that appear across the singer’s hand represent the harsh words of the world thrown at him which latch on to him inflicting pain.

Some of the most spine-tingling moments of the video are unquestionably ones that see Kang Daniel being approached by a veiled woman who signifies the emotion of panic as the soloist’s demeanour seems more perturbed than ever post that and the still wherein he is attacked by a silhouetted figure – a moment wherein he is face to face with his paranoia towards the end.

Perhaps one of the most poignant moments of the music video is when Kang Daniel is crouched in a veiled box in an anxious manner. It seems reflective of his state of mind which is consumed by trepidation and the feeling of being trapped by fearful thoughts.

Kang Daniel

The way Kang Daniel highlighted his personal experiences and struggles in the video in such a powerful manner truly showcases his authenticity as an artist.

Moreover, to say that Kang Daniel impresses with his musical style on the track would be nothing but an understatement. “PARANOIA”  sees the otherwise sweet singer take on a more edgy avatar as he delves into a sinister realm.

Through the length of the track, the soloist takes breaths away with his lilting melodies that sound hauntingly beautiful against the reverberating heavy drum sounds, synths, and 808 bass.

As Kang Daniel shines on the spectacular track, he awes, particularly, in the pre-chorus which sees him channelling a more rock vibe. Singing, “Cover your eyes/ Demons in the night/ Paranoia/ Don’t you look behind”, the vocalist will surely leave listeners speechless as he goes from a softer tone to a straight up feral growl.

Kang Daniel

Overall, “PARANOIA” is a masterpiece in every sense that highlights the musical genius of Kang Daniel in a dynamic way.

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