Kang Daniel Looks Dangerously Dazzling In Comeback Trailer For “PARANOIA”

Kang Daniel Looks Dangerously Dazzling In Comeback Trailer For “PARANOIA”

Kang Daniel is on his way to set the K-Pop scene ablaze with A fiery new tune soon!

Kang Daniel unleashed his fatal charms in an edgy new trailer for his upcoming comeback release titled “PARANOIA”. Unfolding the enigma of the previously unveiled comeback teaser, the trailer certainly fuels the curiosity of viewers for what shade the sweet soloist will be showcasing this time.

Kang Daniel

Though the trailer is only but 25-seconds in length, it is spellbinding through each frame, all the way. The red-tinted stills not only illuminate Kang Daniel’s unparalleled visuals but also, unquestionably hype the anticipations for what’s to come!

The looming whistle melody, backed by a heart-thumping electro beat this time, perfectly complements the video’s dark and sensual vibe.

Kang Daniel

The otherwise cute singer reveals a much more of an impassioned look this time. Kang Daniel is sure to get hearts racing with his vehement style that sees him looking like the absolute stunner he is, in alluring all-black ensembles, leather jackets, and gloves to name a few.

Additionally, the multitalented vocalist turns up the heat with his smoky makeup and is seen sporting some statement accessories like lip rings, showcasing a wild side to him.

Furthermore, the imagery of the video – all from him lying down and feeling perturbed in scenes with glitching effects, accents the overall theme of “PARANOIA”. With the tantalizing trailer, Kang Daniel truly enraptures with his emblazing style and ravishing visuals.

Moreover, the trailer, just like the teaser that was released previously, ends on an arcane note, leaving fans (us included!) wanting more. Meanwhile, Kang Daniel will be revealing his much-awaited comeback single “PARANOIA” on various music sources on February 16 at 6 PM KST.

Check out Kang Daniel’s bewitching comeback trailer for “PARANOIA” Here:

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Photo | Video Credits: Konnect Entertainment

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