Kang Daniel Prepares To Drop A Dynamic New Single Titled “Outerspace (Feat. Loco)”

Kang Daniel Prepares To Drop A Dynamic New Single Titled “Outerspace (Feat. Loco)”

Kang Daniel is on his way to steal every DANITY’s heart with his magnetic tunes on an upcoming new single!

Just days after announcing his exciting fan party, Kang Daniel surprised his beloved DANITY as he announced his forthcoming new single. The ace idol will be collaborating with another gifted artist named Loco on the track as well.

What’s more? The “Antidote” singer took to his official SNS to unveil not just a captivating cover image for the song but also a packed schedule poster as well.

Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel unequivocally shines like the star he is, giving a glimpse into what to expect in “Outerspace”. The soloist certainly captures attentions with his bold gaze while he strikes a poised pose against a rich red backdrop. Moreover, he looks absolutely debonair in his stylish black suit and tie ensemble.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that Daniel definitely piques curiosities for what kind of concept and musical style he will be bringing forth through the new release.

Kang Daniel

In addition to the reveal of this first cover image, Kang Daniel will be taking breaths away with his famous visuals in a new concept image that will be released tomorrow (May 6). He will be then charming fans through a concept film titled “Silent Black” on May 7.

To further amplify anticipations, the supercool artist will be dropping his “MV Teaser A (Agent ver.)” on May 10. Following the same, Kang Daniel will unveil the “MV Teaser B (Trick ver.)” on May 12.

Kang Daniel

Finally, Kang Daniel will be mesmerizing fans with his honeyed vocals alongside rapper Loco in “Outerspace”. The single will be available on multiple music sources on May 13, while its music video will be releasing on the same date as well.

DANITY are you ready for your favorite boy’s stellar new single?

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Photo Credits: Konnect Entertainment | Universe

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