Kang Daniel Releases Intriguing Teasers For “Outerspace (feat. Loco)”

Kang Daniel Releases Intriguing Teasers For “Outerspace (feat. Loco)”

Kang Daniel showcases that he has various tricks up his sleeve as an agent and as an artist through thrilling teasers for his upcoming single “Outerspace (feat. Loco)”!

Kang Daniel is undeniably amplifying anticipations for his new single with rapper Loco. The sweet soloist has been captivating fans with his unparalleled charms through various contents signaling the arrival of “Outerspace”.

Kang Daniel

Recently, the versatile vocalist unveiled not one, but two tantalizing teasers, giving a glimpse into the exciting release.

TEASER A (Agent ver.)

As the name suggests, Kang Daniel reveals his magnetic style via his transformation as a glamorous agent. Through the length of the clip, the ace artist exudes quite a powerful vibe and ensures that all eyes are on him.

In addition to that, Kang Daniel adds to the allure of the clip as he stares at the camera with a playful expression and confronts an unknown being wearing a monkey mask, heralding a thrilling narrative.

Furthermore, following the theme of the concept photo that were released earlier, Kang Daniel amazes with his muscular frame in each of the stills while piquing curiosities with the various monkey montages. The images were painted on several worldviews including on the walls of Rome, New York, Seoul, Paris, and Tokyo.

TEASER B (Trick ver.)

Kang Daniel highlights his artistic genius with this second teaser and no, it is not an exaggeration. The loveable idol spotlights his exceptional performance skills as he enchants with his famous visuals.

Following a similar narrative as the aforementioned Agent ver. teaser, the Trick ver. sees the “Antidote” crooner bring forth his own unique twist. Daniel delights as he channels his fun side and radiates a bright energy between stills of him looking bolder than ever in his agent avatar.

Besides this, the multifaceted musician drops a hint for the new song. He stuns with his beguiling vocals towards the end of the video. The singer definitely elevates expectations for what’s to come.

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel will be dazzling DANITY with his innate charisma and warm melodies alongside rapper Loco in “Outerspace”. The single as well as its music video will be released globally on May 13.

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