Kang Daniel Shines On His Upcoming Art Book “NEVER STANDING STILL”

Kang Daniel Shines On His Upcoming Art Book “NEVER STANDING STILL”


Kang Daniel will be showcasing different colors to him from ‘cyan’ to ‘magenta’, in an upcoming art book. The book is created in collaboration with the artists who have worked with some of the most renowned world artists, particularly the Beatles’ Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson.

Kang Daniel

The “Waves” singer will be revealing a picturesque  art book that bears the title NEVER STANDING STILL-IT’S TIME TO SHINE. The art book has been produced for the first time since his solo debut and differs from the existing photo books.

Through this book, the vocalist has showcased his evolution through visual storytelling about his music and dreams. Fans will get to see the artist Kang Daniel and his passion and thoughts in a book that shows that reality that has been composed like a movie.

The art book has recorded various features and never seen before sides of the multitalented musician along with three brightly decorated covers. In addition to that, it further focuses on capturing Kang Daniel’s behind the stage moments. A special message that transcends the line between reality and fiction is also included within the art book.

Photographer MJ KIM will be leading this project alongside Kang Daniel. He has been credited for many spellbinding stills of The Beatles’ Paul McCartney and has collaborated with some top-notch artists. Michael Jackson’s last stage was captured by him as well.

Additionally, he has led numerous projects with celebrities around the world, including Coldplay, Sting, Johnny Depp, Madonna, Natalie Portman, Eminem, John Malkovic, Claudia Schiffer, Victoria Beckham, Ed Sheeran, and Prince Charles to name a few.

Kang Daniel

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel’s first art book NEVER STANDING STILL-IT’S TIME TO SHINE will commence its pre-sale on October 30.

Source: Herald Pop

Photo Credits: Konnect Entertainment

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