#OnRepeat : Kang Daniel Renders Riveting Tales In “The Story”

#OnRepeat : Kang Daniel Renders Riveting Tales In “The Story”


Kang Daniel is back with a brand new release that serves as the finale of the narrative told through three episodes of his ‘Color’ series. color on me elucidates the stellar soloist’s aspiration to find his authentic color, CYAN weaved a harmonious tale of dreams, passion, and challenges to find one’s own color, MAGENTA emphasized growth going from intensity to simplicity and YELLOW was akin to a musical autobiography of sorts that saw the “PARANOIA” crooner share his raw emotions and own personal struggles.

Kang Daniel

While the previous releases drew inspiration from the ace artist’s own life, this time, however, he is the storyteller rather than the story himself. Through each of the tracks in his first full-length album The Story, it is simply about sharing the various stories of people that everyone can relate to and in a way where listeners feel as if they were reading a book.


The Story seeks to spotlight the message that there are always various stories in our lives where one could be tired and struggling, when people experience moments of joy, feel thankful, or empathize with someone – each of us feels different emotions in the same story, but the story of our lives is always one with emotions at its core.

Where Kang Daniel gave an in-depth glimpse into the various facets of himself as a musician, The Story aims to shed the light on the different stories in everyone’s lives. The singer-songwriter shifts the narrative from himself to the people in order to interpret their stories through his music.

Kang Daniel The Story

The Story

This power-packed number certainly sets the tone for what to expect through the length of the album. Making quite the dynamic statement, “The Story” talks about a ‘brilliant finale’ that stands as an aspiration for people to fly high despite the uncertainty around the future and run towards tomorrow.

The synth-pop track stirs up an almost arcane vibe with its rather dark piano melody. The instrumental further sees an intriguing layering of reverberant guitar strums, strong drum kicks, and bouncing strings which only accentuate Kang Daniel’s breathy tones in a striking way.

Upside Down

Kang Daniel is sure to give everyone those 90s feels with the first of his two title tracks. “Upside Down” elucidates the idea of being determined enough to want to flip difficult situations and change everything to one’s own liking.

The bright pop melody featuring Rose piano, high-pitched guitar, driving synth pads, drums, applause, and whistle sounds truly mirror the track’s overall spirited essence that is enough to render this tune a certified bop, to simply say so.

Loser (Feat. Dbo)

“Loser” takes a slight detour from the buoyant feel of the first two tracks on the album with its moody, minimalistic R&B-based melody. The track expresses the emotions one goes through when experiencing loss and loneliness and it is further amplified with the sounds of the 808 drum kicks, guitar, and bass.

Daniel and Dbo display quite a powerful and raw synergy as they convey a sense of solace where they leave listeners feeling hopeful that spring will come soon to shine upon the gloomy days that one may endure. The song, especially the chorus, is a definite vibe.

Kang Daniel The Story


If the phrase ‘hauntingly beautiful’ were a song, then Kang Daniel’s “Parade” would be it. The track is every bit evocative with its poignant lyricism with lines that are almost poetic in an enigmatic way, “I wanna be forever young | Fill the black night sky | Now I want to live my will | Cause it all means nothing…“.

The modern pop song is sonorous and makes an indelible impression with its powerful rhythmic effects. It focuses on spine-chilling organ sounds, whistle synth, and triple hi-hats that harmonize in a spectacular way to emphasize the atmospheric vocals of the multifaceted idol. All in all, this is a song that is bound to leave everyone OBSESSED!

Don’t Tell (Feat. Jessi)

This dynamic duo did not come to play y’all! This track right here decided to bring forth that sensual swag and intensify it. “Don’t Tell” falls under the Latin hip-hop genre that highlights a passionate melody composed of Spanish guitar strums and 808 drum kicks.

Kang Daniel

The fiery song illuminates the tenor of a kind of love that makes you feel free in a way that is inexplicable. The track also features the show-stopping Jessi who only maximizes the energy of the Latin rhythm while Kang Daniel heightens the romantic air of the song with his smooth vocals. This is a number that will surely make everyone crash that repeat button in their playlists!

Ride 4 U

Showcasing his mettle as the absolute vocal king that he is, the singer-songwriter introduces some of the best moments in terms of musicality with this euphonious piece that expresses the heartfelt message of not letting go and staying beside those who give you strength.

“Ride 4 U” is a song that leads to a dreamy ambiance thanks to its beguiling melody consisting of arpeggio flux synths, dark bass lines, and drum kicks. Altogether, Kang Daniel really said no skips on this one.

Kang Daniel

How We Live (Feat. sokodomo)

The carefree rhythm of the track falls very much in line with its substance that questions, “What fun is it to live easily?” while indicating that sometimes life may get difficult but it is in those times when one shouldn’t think so seriously and rather run like there’s no tomorrow and eventually, there will be a day when the sun shines.

“How We Live” is an energetic song with light piano sounds, 808 drum kicks, and horn sounds that are catchy, to say the least. The track also features rapper sokodomo who delivers a vibrant performance alongside Kang Daniel. The track is an absolute vibe.

Mad Feat. Chancellor

Right off the bat, this track is brilliant and bold. Kang Daniel and Chancellor are the definition of a dream team as they bring forth this chill and, at times, cheeky tune. While the rhythm is snappy as can be, the clever lyricism only makes the song even better with lines like, “Why you so mad? Trapped in your own world…. If you hate me, you’re the only one suffering | So don’t be so mad”.

“Mad” is a cool synth-pop song that accents piano, drums, messy bass synths, piano, guitar strums, and understated whistling sounds. The nonpareil melody augments the elevated harmonization of Kang Daniel’s silvery notes and Chancellor’s smooth vocals with sheer finesse. This track is definitely one that will take up the main spot in everyone’s favorites list.


The vocal range is off the charts with this one! This lyrical number holds so much power that is evident through each of the verses that flawlessly underlines Kang Daniel’s angelic voice. His soft notes to fluid falsetto are positively serene and enough to further the magic of this poetic number that expresses heartfelt sentiments of love and gratitude.

Soft synths, snare drums, bass synths, and flux synths back up this alluring piece. Kang Daniel manifests a heartwarming ambiance in this emotional pop ballad song. “1000x” is striking in all its simplicity.


Last, but certainly not least, concluding the album on a spectacular note, Kang Daniel arrives with “Moment”. It is a charming ballad song that is sure to evoke a state of ataraxia with its calming guitar and string sounds harmonizing with a blissful piano melody.

Kindling an air of romance by singing lines such as, “Stay with me for the rest of your life, stay here | Even if everything in the world changes, stay as you are, stay with me forever”, Kang Daniel soothes with his rich tone color. This song is a straight-up masterpiece and palpably one that everyone will want to keep playing forever.

Overall, the multifaceted idol takes on the role of the narrator this time around and elucidates tales that are so simplistic yet impactful for fans to resonate with. The album stands out in a way that leads the listener to a reposeful journey in an uplifting yet lively manner. The Story undeniably stands as a testament to Kang Daniel’s visionary mindset and creative genius which is mirrored through his rounded musicality which further spotlights the ever-evolving musical caliber of the powerhouse artist.


Photos | Video Credits: Konnect Entertainment

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