Kang Daniel Unveils A Fierce Music Video Teaser For His Track “깨워 (Who U Are)”

Kang Daniel Unveils A Fierce Music Video Teaser For His Track “깨워 (Who U Are)”

Kang Daniel has raised the excitement for his upcoming album MAGENTA to the next level and through the roof!

Konnect Entertainment released a music video teaser video for Kang Daniel’s second mini-album MAGENTA’s title song “깨워 (Who U Are)” on their official SNS on July 29.

The video sees the multi-talented soloist in some very eye-catching settings. Some stills create quite the dynamic effect, particularly, when Kang Daniel’s hand appears in the sand that is pouring like the rain, him lying on the sand with his eyes closed and when the singer stands in front of the rising fire, to name a few. 

Daniel looks absolutely spectacular in his edgy avatar with his piercing, lethal gaze. However, he piques curiosities with his overall look, with wounds on his face and chains around his neck and embellished outfits. 

The title song “깨워 (Who U Are)” is one that unleashes a fiery energy that will cater to a person’s hidden emotions through its bold lyricism. Moreover, the composition consisting of 808 bass drums, Latin guitar, flute, synthesizer and the artist’s impeccable vocal effects promises to create a power packed combination that is sure to be the definition of the term addictive.

The versatile vocalist has already made an impressive splash with his recent pre-release single “Waves” that also featured artists Jamie and Simon Dominic alongside Kang Daniel.

Though, with “Waves” the singer showcased his cool and charismatic side, in the teaser for the title track, “깨워 (Who U Are)” he seems to be going for a much more of a dark and intense concept.The title tack is stated to be the perfect representation of the album with its blazing energy akin to the red magenta like midsummer sun.

Kang Daniel’s comeback mini-album MAGENTA will be released through various music sites on August 3 and it features six tracks overall, namely,  “Flash,” “Waves (feat. Jamie and Simon Dominic),” “깨워 (Who U Are)”, “Runaway (feat. YUMDDA)”, “Movie (feat. DVWN) and “밤”.  

Source: OSEN

Images Credit To: Konnect Entertainment 

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