#NowPlaying : Kang Daniel Unravels An Evocative Tale Through Scintillating Tunes In “YELLOW”

#NowPlaying : Kang Daniel Unravels An Evocative Tale Through Scintillating Tunes In “YELLOW”

Kang Daniel showcases a different shade of himself as he paints the music scene YELLOW with his latest comeback!

Kang Daniel is back and with some vibrant new tunes in his colorful new comeback album titled YELLOW. The album is the third and final installment in the artist’s color series that commenced with his album CYAN and was followed by MAGENTA last year.

Kang Daniel

The new album explores themes of duality, hypocrisy, and contradictions. As opposed to the upbeat meanings attached to the color yellow, here, the shade represents warning, danger, and imperfect signals between green and red lights.

Expressing his deep emotions through music, all the tracks and the entire album are symbolic.

Even the name of the album bears a very different meaning for the singer. Kang Daniel stated, “I usually think of yellow as a cute color, but it doesn’t come to me as being the bright color it is. For me, its the color of the pin lights and the color of the streetlights at dawn that are reminiscent of what is yellow. So it’s a cold color that makes me spend time by myself.”

Kang Daniel

Through each of the five tracks in the album, the alluring artist has brilliantly expressed his raw feelings through metaphorical lyricism and unique sound styles.

While the tracks contain elements comprised of his own personal struggles, Kang Daniel aims to bring forth solace to listeners who would have had similar experiences, through his diverse and impressive range of musical spectra.

First Impressions

Kang Daniel showcases his musical prowess not just as a singer but also as a lyricist on YELLOW. The album is comprised of five tracks in total including his smashing hit “PARANOIA”.

The soloist certainly beguiles with his suave sounds and striking style in this release. YELLOW is an album filled with absolute bops that spotlight the ever evolving musical caliber of the multifaceted vocalist.

Kang Daniel


Kang Daniel definitely meant it when he averred that this release was like a diary. And the opening number “Digital” certainly unfolds a page in the same and gives an in-depth glimpse of his own experiences.

The track’s lyricism is quite personal with lines such as, “I’m an easy prey at the tip of your fingertips” and “They wanna take me down/ So critical, enemies invisible/ Oh, give me more, battleground digital”.

Kang Daniel

The track touches upon the time the young artist took a hiatus due to depression, anxiety, and panic disorder that was majorly triggered through the unrelenting cyber bullying he faced at the time.

The track is truly captivating thanks to the star’s low, breathy notes paired with a classic alternative rock rhythm. It evokes quite the futuristic feel especially with the sonic bass and subtle warped synths to amplify the same. Overall, to say that Kang Daniel sounds like a dream on this track would be nothing short of an understatement.


“PARANOIA” reiterates that Kang Daniel is indeed a musical visionary and in the finest way. The striking song reveals experiences of pain and conflict of the artist in an authentic and aesthetic fashion.

Maximizing the effect of the power-packed track is it’s hauntingly beautiful melody composed of heavy drum sounds, electric guitar,  synth bells, and reverberating 808 bass. Kang Daniel’s soft vocals contrast the booming beats of the track in a complimentary manner and only furthers the overall enigmatic vibe of the song.

It wouldn’t be far-fetched to state that this song is an absolute banger and is filled with stellar moments embedded through its length.

One of which is the part that sees an impassioned Kang Daniel singing, “Cover your eyes/ Demons in the night/ Paranoia/ Don’t you look behind”. Going from soft tones to a straight up ferocious growl within the short pre-chorus is enough to leave listeners speechless in awe.

“PARANOIA” sees the otherwise sweet singer take on a more edgy avatar as he delves into a sinister realm showcasing versatility and proving his mettle as a powerhouse musician.

Misunderstood (feat. Omega Sapien)

“Misunderstood” intrigues from the get go. What’s interesting is that the track is one that follows “PARANOIA” and explores the unease fueled by misconstrued narratives.

The song brilliantly captures the unfeigned feelings of Kang Daniel as he opens up about his struggles of having been a victim of baseless rumors and gossip that evokes a sense of self-doubt and distrust.

The soloist stuns with his low tones and understated falsetto that add quite the riveting texture against its heady base. The track’s lo-fi harmony and heavy distorted bass mix accentuates the voices of both, Daniel and Omega Sapien in a mellifluent way.


“Take me out of this long darkness/ Just let me go/ I’m looking for the antidote”, Kang Daniel croons in this tantalizing lead number while taking breaths away with his sharp and stirring vocals.

The alternative R&B track features rock elements with a power packed prominent electric guitar and 808 bass mix. “Antidote” explores the vocalist’s struggles with depression and his conflicting thoughts and emotions.

Daniel’s voice sounds absolutely enrapturing to simply say so. Moreover, the subtle pauses and his hushed falsetto give the track a certain enigmatic feel. In addition to this, the singer shows off his sublime rap skills through this lethal track taking forward its overall addictive vibe.

Save U (feat. Wonstein)

This track is sure to get listeners thinking that it is indeed the perfect conclusion to this introspective album. The refreshing electro-pop beat backed with a rumbling bass base channels an ambient atmosphere reflective of the musical styles of both artists on this number.

Kang Daniel showcases his love for his beloved fans DANITY with “Save U”. The cool artist conveys a message a heartfelt message of hope, support and solace that he relays from the perspective of his fans.

Moreover, the positioning of this song couldn’t have been any better as it signifies the feeling of being saved after a tumultuous battle. Daniel and Wonstein harmonize their vocals like a dream through this uplifting song. While the latter impresses with his youthful energy, Kang Daniel dazzles with his delicate, breathy melodies.

With YELLOW, the stellar artist proves his authenticity as an ace musician. Each of the tracks beautifully portray his story – all from facing his demons in a virtual battleground in “Digital” leading up to him expressing his vulnerability through “Paranoia” to feeling “Misunderstood” that is followed by his need to search for an “Antidote” for the same before finally ushering to a comforting “Save U”.

All in all, through the album, Kang Daniel reiterates his brilliance as an artist through his visionary perspective and creative genius.

Music Video Musings

Kang Daniel certainly brings forth a sweet antidote for music lovers not just with his album YELLOW, but also his thought-provoking music video for its title track.

The artist mesmerizes with his jaw-dropping visuals and charismatic choreography through the length of the clip. He certainly awes with the gripping narrative of his personal experiences depicted in the video as well.

Kang Daniel expresses his desperation to break out and seek an antidote for the turmoil that resides and spreads like poison in his mind. However, he unravels the anguish he feels in an artistic and metaphorical manner.

The music video sees the use of motifs such as yellow dismembered mannequins to possibly signify him feeling broken, being surrounded by a sea of spectators focusing their phones on him as if constantly watching the idol and using blue imagery to denote the state of mind of the singer who searches for a cure for his sadness.

Additionally, instances such as the disappearing cryptic marking on Kang Daniel’s neck at the beginning of the music video, scenes depicting him underwater and crouching in a box, to name a few, all even indicate the paradoxical similarities between “Antidote” and “PARANOIA” – how both contrast yet mirror each other.

Kang Daniel spotlights his artistic genius in a magnificent way as he unfolds his emotional struggles through the music video. The creative use of mirrors especially in the clip indicate at moments of self-reflection and eventually to a realization that the antidote that he so desperately seeks to free himself of the darkness he is surrounded by, is within himself.

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Photo | Video Credits: KONNECT Entertainment

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