Kim Seon Ho Dazzles In A Teaser For His Upcoming Single “Reason”

Kim Seon Ho Dazzles In A Teaser For His Upcoming Single “Reason”

After having made hearts skip a beat (or two!) with his ace acting skills, Kim Seon Ho will be delighting fans with his sweet new single!

Kim Seon Ho is preparing to impress yet again but this time with his honeyed vocals. The actor is all set to unveil a new single in collaboration with Epitone Project.

To amplify the excitement of fans, the actor’s agency SALT Entertainment released a striking teaser for the track.

Through the 28 seconds span of the clip, Kim Seon Ho looks like the personification of the term ‘handsome’. The artist certainly allures. He looks like an absolute show-stopper as he leans against a sun-lit window, reading a notebook.

The actor captivates as he exudes a refreshing charm amidst a vibrant backdrop that is quite reminiscent of scenes straight out of a movie.

Kim Seon Ho

The collaboration single titled “Reason” has unequivocally become a reason for fans’ anticipations. Not only will the single spotlight Kim Seon Ho’s mellow vocals, but it will also feature lyrics that have been penned by the talented actor himself.

The teaser gives a glimpse of the same. It sees Kim Seon Ho sing lines like “You are my reason, the reason of my expression / The reason I cannot put everything in words”. If this isn’t the definition of ‘heartwarming’ we don’t know what is!

Furthermore, the track is a soft pop song with a breezy acoustic sound. It is composed and produced by Epitone Project.

Kim Seon Ho

This new song is raising expectations from listeners across the globe even prior to its release. “Reason” serves as a gift for the fans who have been cheering Kim Seon Ho. To express his gratitude for the same, he prepared a song that is one that he hopes will uplift as well as be a part of his beloved fans’ daily lives.

Meanwhile, Kim Seon Ho’s collaboration track with Epitone Project titled “Reason” will be releasing on various music sites on May 6 at 6 PM KST.

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Photo Credits: SALT Entertainment

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