Kim Yohan Amplifies Anticipations For His Sweet Solo Single “No More”

Kim Yohan Amplifies Anticipations For His Sweet Solo Single “No More”

Kim Yohan makes fans swoon and say “I can’t take it No More” as he reveals striking teasers ahead of the release of his solo single!

Kim Yohan defines the term ‘if looks could kill’ in the thrilling teasers and colorful concept images for his upcoming solo single titled, “No More.” 

Kim Yohan

Kim Yohan released a picturesque second teaser of his upcoming track that was delectable to say the least as the singer shows off his cutest dance moves and charisma amidst an eye-catching backdrop.

Adding to the allure of the upcoming single, the young star unveiled a delightful point choreography video that showcased Kim Yohan in vivid settings, looking evidently endearing as he flaunts his adorable aegyo that only adds to his multi-fold charms. 

Besides this, the vocalist also gave a glimpse into his playful look and trendy style amid a kaleidoscopic backdrop in the first teaser revealed for “No More.” Giving a sneak peek into the feel of the track with his dulcet voice, Kim Yohan truly took excitements to the next levels with the delectable videos so far. 

But wait, there’s more! The lovable idol further made hearts flutter with his show stopping visuals in stunning concept images. Each of the photos show off the talented singer’s visuals in a vibrant manner and are what can be described as ‘picture perfect’.


Kim Yohan will be revealing his first digital single “No More” produced by musician Zion. T, through various music sites at 6 PM KST on August 25.

Meanwhile, the sweet artist is also gearing up to make his debut as part of OUI Entertainment’s upcoming boy group. Named WEi, the group consists of Jang Dae Hyun, Kim Dong Han, Kang Seok Hwa, and former 1THE9 members Yoo Yongha and Kim Junseo. 

Source: OUI Entertainment

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