Kim Yohan Releases A Radiant Music Video For His Solo Single “No More”

Kim Yohan Releases A Radiant Music Video For His Solo Single “No More”

Kim Yohan treats fans with a cute and kaleidoscopic music video for his latest solo single “No More” produced by artist Zion.T! ‘

Kim Yohan serenades listeners with his saccharine vocals and melodious tunes in his sweet solo single titled, “No More”. Composed by Zion.T, R.Tee, and TAEO, the song talks about a one-sided love and the difficulties one faces when professing their feelings. 

The lyrics were written by Zion.T, TAEO, and Kim Yohan and sheds light on the dilemma one faces when they’re in a limbo as they keep waiting for their feelings to be reciprocated as seen in lines such as, “The blanket covering my face/ I feel like trapped in a sauna/ How long can I wait for you without a correct answer?/ I think it should be today/ I feel like I’m going crazy if it’s not now/ But I can’t be brave/ I can’t break up with you by myself/ To you I’m a real friend or an acquaintance/ I never reveal but actually I’m your fan.” 

While the message of the track may not be the most uplifting, the music video certainly is! Showcasing his charms amidst an array of colorful backdrops, Kim Yohan looks every bit the stunner he is.

The young artist expresses his adorable side with his vibrant and glamorous fashion as well as his aegyo skills which are also reflective in some of the dance moves in the music video, particularly, the point choreography. 

Kim Yohan

“No More” is quite the euphonious earworm majorly because of Kim Yohan’s soft vocals and subtle yet superb ad-libs that add somewhat of a refreshing zing to the peppy synth electro-pop tone of the track. This is definitely a song that listeners would want to keep hitting that repeat button for. 

Through his first solo song, Kim Yohan has without a doubt dazzled with his with his dynamic rap, vocal, and dance skills and has truly shown his versatility as an artist to watch out for!

Video Source: OUI Entertainment

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