KINGDOM Announces Their Upcoming Comeback

KINGDOM Announces Their Upcoming Comeback


The seven-member boy group KINGDOM has confirmed that they are all set to make an exciting comeback next month. The group’s agency GF Entertainment, officially announced that the septet Moojin, Louis, Dan, Chiwoo, Arthur, Ivan, and Jahan will be releasing their second mini-album on July 1.


KINGDOM made their official debut with the release of their first mini-album History Of Kingdom: Part I. Arthur in February 2021. The name, which means ‘Seven Kingdoms, Seven Kings’, reflects their fantasy K-pop concept with each member representing a different historical king.

The group’s debut song ‘Excalibur’ focuses on member Arthur, and deals with the first rainy kingdom out of the seven kingdoms. The comeback is likely to focus on a second member and the ‘History of Kingdom’ will consist of a total of eight albums. The concept raises the anticipations around what kind of kingdom fans can expect.

Previously, the “Excalibur” music video showed a certain magnificence akin to watching a movie, and established the members as ‘fantasy idols’. Moreover, the group’s performances have also captivated fans all over with their magnetic stage presence and unique styles which are impressive for a rookie group.


The group’s multitalented members have showcased their skills and mettle by mastering four languages, and being a part of writing lyrics, composing, and creating choreography.

Furthermore, GF Entertainment’s statement, “The epic that the group will reveal has not even started yet.”, has piqued curiosities about what new styles and talents the members will showcase.

Meanwhile, KINGDOM is set to make a comeback with their second mini-album on July 1 across music sources.

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