Lee Hi Captivates With A Compelling MV Teaser For “Savior (Feat. B.I)”

Lee Hi Captivates With A Compelling MV Teaser For “Savior (Feat. B.I)”


Lee Hi is all set to make her much-awaited return with her exciting 3rd album 4 ONLY soon. And, to amplify anticipations for the same, the versatile vocalist has been delighting fans with some striking releases. The soloist is gearing to drop a music video for one of the tracks from the album which has stirred up quite the buzz and with good reason.

The artist has teamed up with none other than the multitalented B.I for the opening track of her forthcoming album. Titled “Savior”, the track will be released alongside a music video featuring the “WATERFALL” crooner. Giving a glimpse into the overall concept of the song, Lee Hi unfolded a couple of teasers that are beguiling, to simply say so.

Undeniably, the clips are bound to capture the attention of viewers with its mystical imagery. Set against the backdrop of a majestic cathedral, the videos kindle curiosities into what kind of narrative it will unravel through its stills as well as within the track. The first clip sees a solemn Lee Hi walking into the opulent setting. Through its length, she leaves fans intrigued with flashes of a mysterious tale.

It is in the second music that B.I makes his grand appearance as he sits at an extravagant dinner table across Lee Hi. Adding to the overall enigma of the video is the emotive demeanor of the two talented artists which is enough to pique expectations for the upcoming release.

Having collaborated with each other in the past, ‘no one’ can argue that with B.I’s power-packed musicality and Lee Hi’s delicate and ‘dream’y vocals, they are sure to create an outright hit.

Meanwhile, Lee Hi will serenade fans with her sublime melodies alongside the musical genius B.I himself on her track “Savior”. The music video for the same will be releasing tomorrow, September 3 at 6 PM KST. Later, the songstress will unveil her highly anticipated comeback album 4 ONLY on September 9.

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