Lee Min Ho Makes A Generous Donation For Abuse Victims

Lee Min Ho Makes A Generous Donation For Abuse Victims

Lee Min Ho proves that he isn’t just a hero on screen but in real life too as he makes a grand gesture as he contributes money for abuse victims.

Lee Min Ho and MYM Entertainment delivered 50 million won for children who had been victims of abuse through the donation platform PROMIZ to three specialized child protection organizations including Holt Children’s Welfare Association, Good Neighbors, and Save the Children.


Lee Min Ho has always been interested in child welfare and has been conducting steady donations and awareness-raising activities. Due to this, he paid attention to the fact that incidents of child abuse in the family could rise due to the time spent at home especially because of the COVID-19 situation. The donation made by the actor will be further used to support psychological treatment and family relationship improvement programs for victims of child abuse to reduce emotional aftershock.

Considering the difficult year that everyone has gone through, the heartwarming news of Lee Min Ho’s good deeds has surely served as a consolation as well as an inspiration model for many.

Lee Min Ho

This isn’t the first time the alluring actor has donated for a good cause. Earlier this year, Lee Min Ho made a donation of 300 million won to prevent the spread of COVID-19, providing help to prevent infections of children in the immune-vulnerable class and to purchase quarantine supplies for medical staff.

PROMIZ said, “With the spread of COVID-19, children spend more time at home than ever before, and so, the actor decided to donate in the hope that the abused children in the family will be protected”. They added that Lee Min Ho hoped that the donation serves as an awareness to help the children who are victims of abuse and that, practical aid be delivered to them.

Lee Min Ho

This year, the actor along with MYM Entertainment were also recognized for their contributions and awareness campaigns through PROMIZ.

Jointly organized and selected by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Korea Social Welfare Council, the “Regional Social Contribution Recognition System” is a system that recognizes and encourages companies that have continuously contributed to society in cooperation with non-profit organizations in the community.

Lee Min Ho

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho will be starring in the lead role in the Apple TV+ drama Pachinko.

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Source: Herald Pop

Photo Credits: MYM Entertainment

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