Lee Seung Gi Gears Up To Release His Highly Awaited Album “THE PROJECT”

Lee Seung Gi Gears Up To Release His Highly Awaited Album “THE PROJECT”

After leaving fans speechless with an extra’ordinary’ single, Lee Seung Gi is all set to serenade with his soulful vocals in his upcoming full-length album!

Lee Seung Gi will be unveiling his exciting album soon. The singer’s 7th album, titled THE PROJECT will be releasing in the coming week. Anticipations are on the rise for what’s to come with the soon to be revealed project indeed.

Lee Seung Gi

The multitalented vocalist had stirred hearts with his spectacular pre-release single “The Ordinary Man” that unveiled last month. The track swept the top spot on the music charts and with good reason. All from its poetic lyricism, the sweet melody, and Lee Seungki’s delicate voice, the track truly impressed fans, to say the least.

Lee Seung Gi’s THE PROJECT will see the inclusion of nine songs with the participation of Korea’s top producers. The title song “잘할게 (literal translation: I’ll Do My Best)” sees Brave Brothers collaborating as a producer. The track is an impressive rock ballad song with an addictive and evocative melody and lyrics to complement Lee Seung Gi’s emotional vocals.

Next, the track “Boy, Walking on the Road,” sees the participation of Kim Jong-wan of NELL. It is a song that resonates with its sentimental message that we all live in pursuit of big and small dreams every day. The song will feature a mellow performance composed mainly of piano and string instruments that will maximize the soloist’s sweet voice.

Cha Se-jung of the Epitone Project produced the track titled “Your Eyes, Your Hands, Your Lips”. The lyrics are an expression of the hope that one can return to the moment of love in their dreams and convey the love that they couldn’t. The track is made to comfort those who are tired of the difficult reality, thereby giving the essence of Lee Seung Gi’s tranquil tunes.

Additionally, the alluring artist’s THE PROJECT has remastered five hidden masterpieces from each album since his debut in 2004. Some fan favorites that have been reworked on with Korea’s most unique producers, will be re-released to showcase Lee Seung Gi’s mesmerizing vocals and his evolution as a musician.

The versatile vocalist, who has been active in various fields, has returned to music after five years and is excited and nervous his agency Hook Entertainment revealed. The agency added, “He is confident that this seventh studio album is his best work, having been worked on by some of the best producers in South Korea.”

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi’s 7th full-length album THE PROJECT will be released on multiple music sources at 6 PM KST on December 10.

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