Lee Seung Gi Releases An Evocative Music Video For “The Ordinary Man”

Lee Seung Gi Releases An Evocative Music Video For “The Ordinary Man”

All hail the ballad prince Lee Seung Gi!

Lee Seung Gi is back and has already set hearts aflutter and with good reason. The singer has made his highly-awaited comeback. He dropped a heartfelt music video for his pre-release track “The Ordinary Man” and impressed not just with his famous visuals but stirring vocals as well.

The singer’s latest track “The Ordinary Man,” is one produced by famed singer-songwriter Yoon Jong Shin. The sentimental ballad is one that explores the process of a break-up. It talks about how a person who has gone through a break-up thinks that their experience is unique but the reality is far from it as every break-up is similar at its core and that, it is only ordinary.

This theme is further expressed in lines such as:

Maybe it’s like this.
This is just one of the countless farewells in the world
A common separation of love
The Ordinary Man.

Lee Seung Gi

It cannot be emphasized enough that the vocalist sounds absolutely phenomenal. Add to it a soft piano, synth, and violin melody, and it only further highlights Lee Seung Gi’s high octane vocals. The singer strikes that perfect balance between mellow notes and high registers. Moreover, the lyricism only furthers the pathos of this beautiful ballad.

Though the track may be titled, “The Ordinary Man” it is certainly far from being, well, ordinary. The song is sure to mesmerize and move listeners all at once. With this poignant ballad, the multitalented artist certainly proves why he is the prince of ballads after all.

Meanwhile, post the release of this pre-release track, Lee Seung Gi will be unveiling his full comeback album which is set to release in December.

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Photo | Video Credits: HOOK TUBE

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