Lee Seung Gi Delights With His Dulcet Tunes In “THE PROJECT”

Lee Seung Gi Delights With His Dulcet Tunes In “THE PROJECT”

Lee Seung Gi has made his return and spoiler alert: it certainly was worth the wait!

Lee Seung Gi released his much-anticipated album THE PROJECT. Each of the tracks on it spotlights the vocalist’s versatility in the most spectacular manner.

Lee Seung Gi

The album contains nine songs in total and let’s just say that through the tracks, Lee Seung Gi proves why he owns the title of the ballad prince! The singer spellbinds with his rich vocals that only add to the overall grandeur of the album.

First Impressions

Make way for the prince, or honestly, the king of ballads! And no, we’re definitely not exaggerating when we say that. Lee Seung Gi brings forth a masterpiece that is soulful as it is stirring. The nine pieces on THE PROJECT only stand as a testament to the musical genius of the alluring artist.

The Ordinary Man

The album commenced with an extraordinary track, to say the least. Titled “The Ordinary Man”, one produced by famed singer-songwriter Yoon Jong Shin. The sentimental ballad is one that explores the process of a break-up. It talks about how a person who has gone through a break-up thinks that their experience is unique but the reality is far from it as every break-up is similar at its core and that, it is only ordinary.

It cannot be emphasized enough that the vocalist sounds absolutely phenomenal. Add to it a soft piano, synth, and violin melody, and it only further highlights Lee Seung Gi’s high octane vocals. The singer strikes that perfect balance between mellow notes and high registers. Moreover, the lyricism only furthers the pathos of this beautiful ballad.


Next, a track that will surely have fans fall in ‘love’ with the multitalented musician is one that is aptly titled “LOVE”. Unsurprisingly Lee Seung Gi sounds like a dream on this mellow number. The singer is sure to melt hearts with his honeyed hushed tones and subtle high registers that complement the delicate piano melody. This track is one whose beauty lies in its simplicity.

Like a flower

“Like a flower” makes for quite a refreshing listen thanks to its upbeat harmonies featuring electric guitars and drums. The vocalist impresses with his breezy vocals that perfectly contrast yet complement the high energy melody. Moreover, his sweet falsettos harmonizing with the mid-tempo tunes are certainly some of the most stellar points of this bright track. Overall, this song certainly feels like the perfect number to start the day with!

Your Eyes, Hands and Lips

“Your eyes, your hands, your lips/ Everything is still clear to me/ The many days I loved you/ Will it be coming again,” Lee Seung Gi croons in his captivating voice in a track helmed by Cha Se-jung of the Epitone Project. The serene string instrumentals, soft synths – all evoke a sense of nostalgia. Besides, the sincere lyricism that stirs as it talks about returning to a loved one through dreams to send them the love that they weren’t able to show before.

Through “Your Eyes, Hands and Lips”, Lee Seung Gi unquestionably moves as he brings forward a sense of comfort with his lulling tunes.

Lee Seung Gi

I will

“I will” is the lead track of this spectacular album. The rock ballad is one that has been written and composed by Brave Brothers. The track features a stunning arrangement of electric guitar, piano, and drums that puts emphasis on the seraphic voice of Lee Seung Gi.  The song talks about the regret one feels about failing to recover and become better after a painful breakup. The track is awesome to simply say so and one that is sure to keep listeners hooked due to its powerful sounds and the vocalist’s dynamic style.

The Dreamers Dream

It’s time to whip that box of tissues out! Nell’s Kim Jong Wan produced the song “The Dreamers Dream”. The track is like a diary that reflects Lee Seung Gi’s path in life and features emotional piano and string sounds. The lyricism furthers the sentimentality of the song and talks about how people grow over time and chase their dreams.

Lee Seung Gi STUNS and in all caps at that! From nailing those soft and sweet breathy tones to coming for listeners’ feels with his spellbinding high notes, the singer undoubtedly shakes hearts with his poignant vocals as he sings, “All of this, all of me/ Nothing has changed/ It’s still full of things you don’t know/ Though difficult/ Try to walk my way”. A beautiful song indeed.

A Song to make You Smile

Next up on the list is another riveting re-mastered version of the 2011 track by Lee Seung Gi featuring BTS’s RM and J-Hope who recorded their verses before their debut. The song is quite light-hearted thanks to its bright and cheery gospel tones that make for a sing-along rhythm.

“A Song To Make You Smile” showcases the pristine mellifluousness of Lee Seung Gi’s vocals while RM and J-Hope add this splash of freshness with their power-packed yet poetic rap verses that feature comforting lines such as, “Don’t be afraid of the shadow you’ve just passed/ That just means that there’s light somewhere/ The burden of pain in your heart/ Get it all out/ This is the song that will make you smile and fill in the empty space”.

Lee Seung Gi

Love spinning Round

The moment the piano and sweet guitar strums backing Lee Seung Gi’s rich vocals come through, you know you’re in for yet another sweet musical treat from the actor-singer. The musical style overall has quite a retro feel to it. Though the melody is striking, the singer shines like the star he is as he unravels his signature high notes which definitely add to the ‘wow’ factor of “Love spinning Round”.

Words That Say I love you

Last, but certainly not least, Lee Seung Gi delights with his euphonious harmonies in this track which is titled, “Words That Say I love you”. The melody is soothing as it is stirring as it features wind instruments, guitar, and piano that gives it a romantic vibe. Moreover, this song is both written and composed by the vocalist himself.

The song is impressive, to say the least as it highlights Lee Seung Gi’s harmonious husky voice amidst a mid-bass composition as he reminiscently sings about a lover to whom he could not covey his true feelings of love to. It cannot be emphasized enough in words that “Words That Say I love you” is a track that is surely bound to leave one speechless with its saccharine sounds!

We said it before, we’ll say it again – All Hail The Ballad Prince Lee Seung Gi, who proves that the title belongs to him and him only, with this wholesome album!

Music Video Musings

Brave Brothers who wrote and composed this track had admitted, “Lee Seung Gi has his own color. He knows how to make any song into his own style, and he has a charm like a chameleon that changes the tone of his voice as if it were his song right from the beginning.”

Lee Seung Gi brings forth his color and unique charms within this track that is further reflected in this expressive music video for “I will”. In the video, the singer shows the feelings of angst and regret one undergoes after a painful breakup with utmost perfection. The clip will surely make viewers want to shed a tear or two with its emotional stills.

Overall, the video, as well as the album, truly showcases why Lee Seung Gi is the personification of an all-round artist indeed!

Photo | Video Credits: HOOK Entertainment

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  1. It really is worth the 5-year wait. His 7th album is his BEST album. I love all the songs and can listen to his songs all day long. I really love track no. 6 ” A Dreamer’s Dream”. My hearts seems to burst with so much happiness and emotion listening to this song.

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