MAMAMOO Takes Listeners On A Musical Adventure With “TRAVEL”

MAMAMOO Takes Listeners On A Musical Adventure With “TRAVEL”


MAMAMOO is back with their latest album. Titled TRAVEL, the latest releases boasts of some eclectic mix of tunes from straight-up fiery tunes to more mellow style numbers.

MAMAMOO had already impressed with the funky retro-themed track titled “Dingga” that swept both, domestic and international music charts with its bright melodies. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the girl-group raised anticipations for this forthcoming album which they further piqued with their fierce concept images and teasers for the same.


TRAVEL includes some really strong numbers, some of which, are written and composed by the members themselves. Particularly, Moonbyul co-composed their title track “AYA” and wrote lyrics for “Travel,” “Dingga,” “AYA,” “Chuck,” and “Good Night.” Hwasa co-composed their pre-release song “Dingga.” The album also features a track titled, “Diamond” as well.


“TRAVEL” surely takes you back to a wistful late 90s vibe with its retro guitar and synth beat. It’s quite the feel-good track with its bright melodies that are further elevated with the refreshing synergies of the members.

The track talks about leaving behind all your worries and cares and just ‘travel’ faraway and live in the moment as these lyrics suggest, “We’re gonna travel far away/ Break out of my daily life/ Plop into the water/ Where are you, get away/ Engine ringing/ Let’s go paradise eat and play party/ Cherry Citrus Beach Watermelon Mango/ Paris, London, Tokyo, yeh, Singapore, and New York”

This track is definitely one that will warm hearts with its honeyed harmonies.


The title song “AYA” boasts of an alluring melody that highlights an Arabian flute rhythm that leads the overall atmosphere of the song as it harmonizes with a reggae beat to give a more groovy feel.

The lyrics are as add a wow factor with its witty lines as the song compares a love that has changed to a cavity that must be taken out, “You got me jumping like a crazy clown/ What are you doing/ I have to get my rotten teeth out”

Wheein’s soft vocals add a certain sweetness to the otherwise sultry number while Hwasa and Moonbyul pack a punch with their verses and Solar truly shines brighter than the sun with her power-packed high registers.

“AYA” is a fiery tune that brings out the group’s innate ferocity with absolute flair.


This track is one that stands out for its staccato style rhythm featuring a resounding bass guitar tune throughout paired with analog-style synths to pack in that punch towards the second half of the track.

Moreover, complementing the electrifying beat is its equally impressive lyricism. “Chuck” is a track that exudes charisma thanks to its verses that express the emotion of self-love and with confidence at that.


This song stays true to its name and shines like a “Diamond” indeed! We are living for the girl group’s whisper-like verses that give this track a certain lusciousness. The way Wheein, Solar, and Hwasa harmonize their dulcet tones is simply spine-tingling.

One of the beaming elements of this track is without a doubt, Moonbyul’s impassioned rap verse that drips with a radiating boldness as she croons, “I’m the only one/ Natural temperament/ I stay up many nights, steadier than an owl/ Spinning put honey on it Benefit/ Front, back, sides, to Conans it will be a Ceremony.”

This smooth number is sure to get listeners vibing to its groovy rhythm!


“Good Night” projects a melancholic mood that captures listeners’ hearts. With its sweet and soft sound, this track is perfect as a lullaby or a tranquil tune to chill to.

MAMAMOO sounds like a dream amongst the serene piano and soft synth-based beats as they serenade with heartwarming lyrics such as, “Good night/ Don’t wake up today, let’s sleep/ I hope that bad dreams don’t come/ When dawn comes I’ll be by your side/ I’ll always light up a dark night.”

“Good Night” is quite the enchanting track that creates a beatific ambiance that will truly wash away listeners’ bad moments and stress of the day and will lull them to sleep with only happy thoughts.

MAMAMOO truly showcases their mettle as a powerhouse girl group through their diverse range of musical spectra contained within this album 

“TRAVEL” is without a doubt, a masterpiece that one should’nt miss out on!



No amount of magnificence can contain the innate grandeur of MAMAMOO and this music video for their lead track “AYA” only reiterates that. The music video screams power with its elaborate settings and bold looks of the members.

Some of the most breathtaking moments of the clip include Hwasa stunning like the femme fatale that she is in an all-black ensemble, Wheein looking sultry in her elegant dress and bedazzling hat, Moonbyul being carried like an absolute empress, and who can miss out on Solar’s unibrow moment as she steals the show looking like a goddess.

These are only but a few instances that make this music video iconic. “AYA” honestly showcases the beauty and ferocious personas of MAMAMOO in the most mesmerizing manner.

Photo | Video Source: RBW

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