Midnight Mixtape : MONSTA X, BTS, N.Flying, Wonho & More

Midnight Mixtape : MONSTA X, BTS, N.Flying, Wonho & More


We all know that music is an awesome, if not the best form of expression for any time or place. And like many others, I too have a playlist for every mood – a set of tunes for a sunny day, a workout mix (which honestly needs to be renamed as “The times I thought of working out but ate fries instead”.), to name a few. However, thanks to an erratic work schedule or that Netflix show that I promise to myself to turn off after “just one more episode”, it is safe to state that I am somewhat of a night owl.

Moreover, I decided what better way to spend those late nights than falling asleep to the lilting harmonizes of some of my favorite K-Pop stars. It is after going through melody after melody that I thought, “Well, after all, sharing is caring”. And so, like a lightning bolt hitting a pole, I got hit by the idea of sharing some of my best-loved songs with all my fellow night owls out there. Here’s a list containing some of the many melodies that are sure to serenade you during those midnight hours.

“Boy With A Star” by Hyuk

“Boy With A Star” is a soul-stirring number and no, I’m DEFINITELY NOT exaggerating when I say so! The track has a very somber melody as it is played in a minor key on the piano. The track may be a little melancholic in its lyricism with lines such as –

Across the distant road
The stars that light up the dark night
Resemble you, shining brightly
Even the stars’ brilliance
You can’t help staring at
Resembles us, outshining the sadness

But I have to emphasize that there is something just so enchanting about this song. Hyuk strikes that perfect balance between subtle high notes and low tones which just flow with the overall harmony. This track will warm your hearts and there is indeed no question about that.

“Night View” by MONSTA X

Ok, I have to admit, picking a track that fits right in this series by MONSTA X, is quite difficult. And that’s because they have so many amazing tunes to choose from. So I went with a track from their recent release FATAL LOVE. The track is titled, “Night View”, and quite aptly so! I mean, where do I even begin?

“I don’t know what to do, dunno what to do/ So why don’t we just nod all day/ I know what to do I know what to do”, I.M croons away as he sways with his soft, husky vocals which are followed by the spine-tingling melodies by Hyungwon and Minhyuk. Setting a romantic ambiance, Shownu takes the lead in the pre-chorus with his high registers as Kihyun floors with his inviting falsetto singing, “Shining like a waterfall/ Shall we dance on the moonlight”.

Towards the second half of the track, Joohoney stuns with his sweet and sensual lyrics. The ‘shining’ element, if you will, is without a doubt the EDM-pop beat that makes for quite the serene and surreal ambiance. I am still picking my jaw off the floor tbh, the track is EVERYTHING!

“Magic Shop” by BTS

Just as its title suggests, “Magic Shop” by BTS is well, magical. The septet stuns with their dynamic synergy and they are sure to hit you right in those feels one note after another. I’m sure by now, without a doubt, everybody around the globe has heard this track. Yet I want to reiterate that this song is heartwarming especially with its beautiful lyricism.


BTS brings for a track that is made to comfort and support fans during their tough times by trying to turn their negatives into positives. Though the melody features prominent electro drops, it brings the song together in the most perfect way. “Magic Shop” literally takes you on an emotional rollercoaster ride with its soft falsetto laced chorus and breathy verses.

“I just” by Wonho

‘I just’ want to say – OH MY GOD! WOW.

If a song can melt hearts, then Wonho is definitely going to turn yours into puddles with this sweet number. “I just” is a piano and synth-based song which makes for quite the comforting ambiance. The melody is beautiful but honestly? Wonho steals the spotlight with his angelic vocals.


This song spotlights the singer’s beautiful breathy notes and soft falsetto in a pristine manner. The track is like an innocent declaration of love with its simple but adorable lyricism. “I just” is definitely a track that’ll keep you “running around in circles”, keeping you coming back for more.  The track soothes and stirs all at once and if you’re like me, you’ll definitely be having a smile on your faces while listening to this harmonious masterpiece.

“E-YO” by N.Flying

N.Flying is definitely a group that is on the rise. With some electrifying numbers such as “Oh really.”, “STARLIGHT”, “Rooftop” to name a few, the quintet has showcased their versatility as musicians. “E-YO” is no different in that regard as it brings forth the group’s all-round musical skills into the spotlight.

“E-YO” sees N.Flying delve into a more romantic style of music as they showcase their soft sides in this delightful track. The fact that it is also written by the members as a loving message for their beloved fans, N.Fia makes it all the more significant. This track certainly heartening, in my humble opinion. N.Flying creates something amazing with this song and its spark lies in its serene simplicity.

“HAVE A GOODNIGHT” by Shownu and Minhyuk [From She’s My Type webtoon OST]

Now you know I wasn’t going to have a midnight mixtape without this recent release! This track is just so stunning I cannot stress that enough. MONSTA X’s two multitalented vocalists team up to present the perfect lullaby to listeners with “HAVE A GOODNIGHT”. Sounds like a dream? Well, it’s that and so much more.

shownu minhyuk

The soft ballad exudes somewhat of a warm yet wistful vibe which is both soothing as it is stirring. Moreover, there is something very romantic about “HAVE A GOODNIGHT” as it brings an atmosphere akin to a midsummer night which is only elevated by Shownu and Minhyuk’s breezy vocals. Their mellifluous vocals complement the analog-style synth and soft bass melody flawlessly.

If I were to sum it up in a sentence, “HAVE A GOODNIGHT” is like a cup of sweet hot chocolate on a cold night. With the song, Shownu and Minhyuk create a beatific ambiance that will lull you to sleep with only happy thoughts.

“Sweet Night” by V [From Itaewon Class OST]

BTS’ V knows how to work those lilting melodies that’s for sure! This track is right up there with “Winter Bear” which is another one of the singer’s tranquil tracks. However, “Sweet Night” is more delicate with its dulcet tones.

V’s husky vocals, the soft guitar strums, and the mellow violin harmonize together in the most enrapturing manner. He evokes a sense of melancholia which is mesmerizing as it is moving when he sings,

“How could I know
One day I’d wake up feeling more
But I had already reached the shore
Guess we were ships in the night” 

This track is sure to take you back in time and tug at your heartstrings! “Sweet Night” has a very nostalgic air to it that will make you feel vulnerable, warm, and wistful all at once.

“Runaway” by Eric Nam

Eric Nam reveals a mid-tempo pop tune with “Runaway” which is catchy to simply say so. The singer stuns with his soft, smooth, and serene vocals on this track, I mean, are we even surprised?  The track is simple and yet creates quite an impact.

The melody of the track is as refreshing as a breezy summer night. Pair that will the equally lively vocals of Eric Nam, you’re sure to get a euphonious earworm at the end of it. This is that kind of track that makes you want to take off in the middle of the night and ‘run away’ and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere.

“Your Favorite Song” by Jeong Sewoon

Can we all just bow down to the king of ballads Jeong Sewoon? No, seriously, the vocalist has left me speechless with his soft tracks that I’ve lost count of how many times! There is something so beguiling about his voice that you can’t help but feel wonderstruck.

There are just so many tracks by the vocalist to choose from, however, for this list, I went ahead with this charming little number titled, “Your Favorite Song”. The track is an R&B style ballad that features prominent guitar tones to add to the overall ethereal effect. The lyrics of the track are emotional as it expresses regrets after a breakup. The sentimentality of the track is brought to life by Jeong Sewoon whose singing style will definitely set your hearts aflutter.

“Through The Night” by IU

It’s time to hail the queen of ballads before this feature concludes! Why yes, I’m talking about none other than the spectacular songstress IU herself. The song in focus this time is “Through The Night”.

With this track, IU delivers a heartfelt letter wherein she secretly confesses her love to someone she misses and wishes them sweet dreams.

What makes this track stand out is not just its lyricism that is penned by IU herself, but its minimalist composition that further highlights her airy vocals. The love song delves into the acoustic and folk genres and manifests a feeling of warmth as it soothes you to sleep.

Looking forward to hearing from all you lovely readers. Let us know via comments or reactions below if you’d like us to keep this feature going!


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