MONSTA X Dazzle With Dynamic Performances In Their “MX University” Concert

MONSTA X Dazzle With Dynamic Performances In Their “MX University” Concert

MONSTA X warmed hearts with their mellifluous melodies and sweet smiles in their latest online fan concert!

MONSTA X held their online fan-con MX UNIVERSITY via Naver V LIVE from March 6-March 7 to virtually meet their beloved Monbebe. With a unique concept on the lines of ‘Spring when the fresh wind tickles the tip of the nose, and having a special college life with fans,” MONSTA X expressed a feeling of warmth as they colored fans’ hearts with excitement.


MONSTA X commenced the fan-con on a captivating note with the six members lighting up the stage as the students of the prestigious ‘MX UNIVERSITY’, before bedazzling viewers with their cool stage for their track “Stand Up”.

Welcome To MX University

To say that they exuded powerful vibes throughout would truly be an understatement as they then greeted fans in an adorable way asserting, “We waited for today more than ever”.

Staying true to the theme of the event of ‘college life’, all of the members essayed different university majors –

Shownu charmed with his charisma as a student from the Computer Science department, Minhyuk showcased his strengths as a creative genius through the Sculpture department, Kihyun garnered the adoration of fans as he belonged to the department of Cynology/Pet Care, Hyungwon showcased his model looks while representing the Fashion Design department, Joohoney captivated with his visionary perspectives as a student from the Theatre and Film department while I.M spotlighted his artistic skills through the Architecture department.


Moreover, the super talented group presented various segments that were not only entertaining but endearing as well.  Among the many corners MONSTA X brought forth were Powerpoint presentations showcasing their activities in the past year, some fun games as well as reading letters sent by fans that were written to them during last year’s fan concert.

Additionally, MONSTA X highlighted the multifold charms of the members through unique VCR videos. The six members featured as handsome seniors of MONBEBE, who is a freshman in MX UNIVERSITY.  They enchanted fans as they expressed their sincere stories while recalling the time from their trainee days to becoming the global scene stealers they are today.


GOING BEASTMODE on beguiling stages!

MONSTA X showcased that their level is A times infinity as they delivered one jaw-dropping performance after another!

The group evoked a mesmeric ambiance as the took to the stage with performances of their hits “MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT”, “YOU CAN’T HOLD MY HEART”, “Nobody Else”, “By My Side”, and “DRAMARAMA”. Next, they left viewers starstruck with their magnetism as they presented the stages of their chart-toppers such as “Beautiful”, “FANTASIA”, “Follow”, and “Love Killa”.

If these performances weren’t enough to make fans scream in joy, MONSTA X delighted with some special unit performances by the members. Minhyuk and I.M amazed with their awe-inspiring “Last Carnival”, Kihyun and Hyungwon serenaded with their sultry tunes as they presented a serene “Night View”, and Shownu and Jooheon fired love or rather the stage like “Gasoline”!

At the fan-con that lasted for over 3 hours, MONSTA X and Monbebe communicated in real time through comments, creating unforgettable memories. Fans from all over the world expressed their affection for the powerhouse boy group by sending enthusiastic support, and as if in return, MONSTA X showered their adorable fans with love as they decorated the finale of the fan-con with the encore stages of their tracks “ZONE” and “Beautiful Night”.


MONSTA X further expressed their regret for not being able to see their fans in person, and said, “It seems that we finished [the fan-con] happily without getting hurt for two days. We was able to fully experience the feeling of happiness while performing. We hope to meet Monbebe and we will bring better performances until the day we meet again.”

Meanwhile, after successfully completing the online fan-con, MONSTA X is planning to meet fans through various contents and music activities

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