MONSTA X Dazzles In A Dynamic MV For “Love Killa (Japanese Ver.)”

MONSTA X Dazzles In A Dynamic MV For “Love Killa (Japanese Ver.)”

MONSTA X are here to slay like the “Love Killa”s that they are in this latest music video!

MONSTA X unleash their lethal charms in this magnetic music video for the Japanese version of their chart-topping hit track “Love Killa”. The stellar scene stealers look magnificent as they show off some of their tantalizing moves in the most stylish way.

This “Love Killa” music video spotlights the message of the track in an alluring and aesthetic way. It showcases the temptation of love to throw away everything and just win. This is backed by the track’s dark sounds and an evocative melody. Moreover, the members captivate with their enchanting visuals and bold gazes through the compelling video.

There is no denying that Shownu, Kihyun, Minhyuk, Hyungwon, Joohoney, and I.M floor as they reveal some of the most resplendent looks in the video. To say that the group looks absolutely regal would indeed be an understatement. Adding to their magnificence is the cinematography of the video that highlights the members’ visuals in a cinematic fashion. Moreover, MONSTA X definitely grabs the attention of viewers with some eye-catching choreography amidst the theatrical stills.


All from looking chivalrous in chic suits to looking devilishly handsome in some of their edgier outfits, the powerhouse group definitely showcases their innate dynamism and with confidence at that. The music video is sure to make every Monbebe across the globe fall in love with these charismatic ‘love killas’ indeed!

Meanwhile, MONSTA X will be setting the stage ablaze with their fiery performances at the year-end awards ceremony. Furthermore, member Joohoney will be revealing the performance of his track “PSYCHE” for the very first time at the “2020 The Fact Music Awards” as well.

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