MONSTA X Exudes Chill Vibes In New Concept Photos For “FATAL LOVE”

MONSTA X Exudes Chill Vibes In New Concept Photos For “FATAL LOVE”


MONSTA X unraveled their magnetic charms in these latest concept photos for their upcoming comeback album FATAL LOVE. The images are idyllic as they are impressive as they spotlight the raw allure of the artists in the most spellbinding manner.

Shownu looks absolutely handsome in a casual monochrome shirt as he holds an intense gaze. The photo certainly has a laidback vibe to it as compared to the previous versions. The vocalist’s soft features are further enhanced with the neon blue and red lighting that draws parallels from version 1. Shownu is definitely the epitome of the word captivating here.


Minhyuk is surely aiming for Monbebes’ hearts and going straight for the kill with his lethal gaze and dynamic demeanor. The singer looks striking and he gives off major vampire vibes in the image. Dressed in a black and white blazer, the dominating warm hues of the image lend him a mysterious yet powerful vibe as he intensely looks into the camera with a fierce gaze. The outfit and his hair give him a timeless appeal as well.


Joohoney embraces his ferocious side and looks fatally fabulous in a tiger printed shirt. Holding a steadfast stare, the rapper looks like a king as he commands the ambiance and ensures that all eyes are on him. Joohoney personifies the term power as he reveals a calm intensity in his concept image.


The vocalist definitely had us shook when we saw this photo! A stunner is what Kihyun is. Dressed in a black and white attire, he looks ever so charismatic as ever as he poses in a relaxed manner with the warm glow of light highlighting his famous visuals. He surely captivates with this enchanting look as he looks nothing short of magical in the image.


We can guarantee that Hyungwon has got the world quaking with his picture perfect visuals. The messy hair, the ear piercings and the loose fitted shirt, all give the singer a very sultry look albeit in a very glamorous manner. Looking into the lens with an impassioned gaze, he looks like a romantic hero from an epic tale and looks handsomely divine as ever.


I.M redefines the term ‘sexy’ with his look. He give this version an epic finale with his sharp visuals as he exudes a bold bearing in his solo shot. Posing nonchalantly against a red background with a confidently piercing gaze in a leopard print shirt, the rapper defines the term “if looks could kill” as he is here for the kill with his fatal charms.


MONSTA X will be releasing more jaw-dropping versions of concept photos until October 27. On October 29, the group will reveal an action-packed music video teaser. They will then release an album preview on November 1.

Post this, MONSTA X will be releasing their third full length album FATAL LOVE on multiple music sources on November 2.

Photo Credits: Starship Entertainment

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