MONSTA X Delights With Their Sweet “Flavors of love” MV

MONSTA X Delights With Their Sweet “Flavors of love” MV

q: how many ways do you want to show you love monbebe IN THE MV?


MONSTA X warmed hearts when they unveiled their delectable “Flavors of love” recently. To amplify the excitement of fans, the group released a charismatic music video for their bright and breezy track.


Through the video, MONSTA X gives a glimpse into their daily lives amidst vibrant backdrops. The members make quite the style statement in their comfy chic ensembles as they are seen in the recording studio, relaxing in their home and having breakfast together.

Shownu, Kihyun, Hyungwon, I.M, Jooheon, and Minhyuk spellbind listeners with their beatific melodies on the refreshing electro-pop number. However, they certainly capture hearts with the song’s sweet and sincere lyricism.


Bringing forth an unparalleled symphony, the multifaceted boy band serenade with lines that serve as a cute shout out to their beloved fandom and express their unconditional love and gratitude to them.

The clip further mirrors the heartwarming feel of the track. All from Minhyuk and Hyungwon spelling out their fandom’s name to the members dancing in a space decorated with their fans’ lovable letters, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to state that the clip is definitely one that can be described as a warm hug by MONSTA X to their MONBEBES.

Flavors of love

Moreover, the group impresses with their endearing mannerism in this soft concept as they have done with showcasing their fatal glam through fierce concepts. MONSTA X unequivocally prove that they are certainly ‘top of the top’ when it comes to slaying different types of musical styles.

MONSTA X will be releasing their third Japanese album Flavors of Love across multiple music platforms on May 5.

MX_Flavors of Love

The album will further include 11 tracks in total, namely, “Wanted”, “Follow” (Japanese ver.), “Fantasia” (Japanese ver.), “Re:verse Day”, “Diamond Heart”, “Secret”, “Love Killa” (Japanese ver.), “Detox”, “Wish On the Same Sky”, “Neo Universe” and last but not the least, “Flavors of love”.

Meanwhile, watch MONSTA X spotlight their adorable charms in their “Flavors of love” MV here:

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Photo | Video Credits: UNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPAN

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