MONSTA X Bewitches In A Gripping MV Teaser For “GAMBLER”

MONSTA X Bewitches In A Gripping MV Teaser For “GAMBLER”

Are you ready to place your bets on these six ravishing ‘gamblers’ MONBEBE?

No amount of sneak peeks into the album thus far had us prepared for the sheer magnificence that was awaiting, with this latest reveal! MONSTA X released their first music video teaser for the lethal lead track “GAMBLER” from their upcoming mini-album One Of A Kind.


The music video teaser is unequivocally one that is straight up going to get excitements crashing through the roof. The clip is packed with power as it sees Shownu, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Joohoney, Hyungwon, and I.M look dangerously charming. The six members channel a ferocious glam like never before.

The 20-second teaser is filled with one engrossing still after another. The video sees the members amidst theatrical settings as if planning a major heist. The scene stealers look EPIC in each of the frames that are enough to keep one at the edge of their seats for what’s to come.

The clip commences with MONSTA X’s magnetic maknae I.M raising up the heat faster than the sun with his sultry style. Next, the otherwise sweet Minhyuk captures with his fatal features as he exits an elevator. The shot then transitions to a suave-looking Hyungwon lounging in a bar with a drink in hand that just adds to the mafia-like vibe.


Coming in with a ‘bang’ is member Kihyun who looks like a million bucks as he places an actual bomb. Joohoney makes quite literally the entrance as he breaks into a room just like he broke into every Monbebe’s heart. Leader Shownu looks like the ultimate boss as he walks into the frame like the showstopper he is.

Last but definitely not least, group shots of the members hovering over blueprints, backed with a synth and grunge guitar rhythm only accelerate the intrigue as MONSTA X prepares to take over le monde in a regal manner at that. All in all, we are waiting for this song to be unveiled just like the last shot.


Besides this, MONSTA X is bound to leave every Monbebe all over the world spellbound with their dynamism and charisma. The group will be dropping their second music video teaser on May 30. An album preview will later follow on May 31.

Meanwhile, MONSTA X will once again spotlight their diverse range of musical spectra with their upcoming ninth mini-album. The album, One Of A Kind, will be available across various music sites on June 1 at 6 PM KST.

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Photos | Video Credits: Starship Entertainment

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