MONSTA X’s I.M Serves Fierce Looks In Concept Photos For “DUALITY”

MONSTA X’s I.M Serves Fierce Looks In Concept Photos For “DUALITY”

MONSTA X’s I.M looks dangerous and dashing in his latest set of concept photos for his upcoming solo release DUALITY!

Monbebes hold onto your hearts as MONSTA X’s I.M is here to steal them with his lethal gaze and striking looks. The magnetic maknae dropped the concept photos for his upcoming solo release DUALITY on the group’s official SNS and let’s just say that they’re ‘hot, hottish’ times ten!


Showcasing an intense demeanour, I.M turns up the heat with his smouldering stare and suave style. The rapper looks like a stunner in his dark ensemble which is quite reflective of the overall vibe of the image itself.

Moreover, the dimly lit neon tinted setting accentuates the MONSTA X’s member’s features in a very beguiling manner which will surely make it hard for fans to tear their eyes off of the charming love killa!


Next, taking breaths away with his sleek visuals, I.M certainly makes a statement with his neck tattoo that reads as “Cry me a river”, as he looks effortlessly cool posing amidst a tenebrous backdrop with only hues of purple and pink illuminating his handsome face.

In the third image, the alluring artist looks like art himself as he stands looking somber in his all black ensemble. The red glow unquestionably emphasises the mysterious feel of the concept images so far which only amplifies expectations for what’s to come with the upcoming release.


The MONSTA X member had released the first set of concept photos yesterday. However, in those teaser images, it had been pointed out by fans that I.M was wearing a shirt with an inscription in Arabic, which translated to a sacred phrase for Muslims.

The images bearing the same have since been deleted with Starship Entertainment having issued an apology for the same as well.

The rapper will now be releasing a second set of concept images later. I.M will be giving a sneak peek into DUALITY with the release of a music video teaser on February 17.  Later, fans will be treated to an intriguing album preview on February 18.

Meanwhile, MONSTA X’s I.M will be unleashing his musical genius on his upcoming solo digital album DUALITY. The album will be releasing across various music sources on February 19 at 2 PM KST.

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Photo Credits: Starship Entertainment

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