MONSTA X’s I.M Unfolds A Thrilling Track List For “DUALITY”

MONSTA X’s I.M Unfolds A Thrilling Track List For “DUALITY”

MONSTA X’s I.M will be spotlighting his multifold talents on his upcoming solo digital album as evident with this latest reveal!

MONSTA X’s youngest is gearing up to set the K-Pop scene ablaze with some fiery tunes soon. I.M released an exciting track list on the group’s official SNS that also highlighted his all-round musical skills.

DUALITY Track List

The image of the track list is aesthetic to simply say so as it is reflective of the concept of the album. It focuses on I.M’s tattooed arm amidst a dual pink and purple toned neon lit setting.

The digital album will see the inclusion of five tracks in total, namely, the title track “God Damn”, “Howlin'”, “Burn”, “Happy to Die”, and “flower-ed”. Each of the songs spotlight I.M’s musical genius as the rapper has written, composed and arranged each piece on the upcoming release.


The reveal certainly has every Monbebe’s anticipations on the rise for what’s to come their way and what musical style the alluring artist will be showcasing through each track.

Post the release of this super cool track list, I.M will be stealing hearts this Valentine’s Day with the unveil of his first concept photo. Moreover, on February 15, he will be charming with his striking visuals through his second concept photo.

I.M will be giving a glamorous glimpse into “DUALITY” as he will be releasing a music video teaser on February 17.  Later, fans will be treated to a striking sneak peek into the album which will come in the form of an intriguing album preview on February 18.


Meanwhile, MONSTA X’s I.M will be unleashing his ferocious charms on his upcoming solo digital album DUALITY. The album will be releasing across various music sources on February 19 at 2 PM KST.

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